Who changed who

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More than 30 years of reform and opening up. Today’s people prefer to do anything with a ruler of money. Whether it is appropriate to do or not is often determined by the ruler of money. It has nothing to do with thought or morality.. It is the ruler that decides.   The thinking of the poor is often richer and the thinking of the poor is often influenced by the rich. Poor people often envy rich people’s wealth, while rich people want poor people’s simplicity in life. Some poor people have the idea of laughing at poverty but not prostitution.. And the rich often feel that he has so many resources to take for granted. Often the poor are still poor, but their ideas have been changed and they have also accepted the idea that they were killed before and could not believe it. People who have changed from poor to rich have put their pockets closer, and have also become fearful of their former poverty. The way to solve this fear is to earn more money.. In China, there is no aristocracy, that is, riches and honour often cannot last. This is also the concern of the rich people, isn’t it!   Sometimes, I really can’t understand whether we changed the world, whether the world changed us, or whether we all changed each other.!

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