Hello, my inner child

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After dinner with the guests, I had an indescribable sadness that I couldn’t get rid of for quite a while.. I know that my inner child was stimulated.     At the dinner table, the restaurant has a wedding banquet serving slowly, with almost two breaks in the middle, giving people the impression that the class is very low, and the boss just attaches great importance to the banquet.. The boss’s face was very ugly. Although he said nothing, I seemed to hear a voice of criticism..     Yes, my inner child was hurt. I saw him nervous and scared. So I immersed myself in that sad atmosphere and wanted to approach my inner child. I wanted to say hello to him. I want to treat myself by accompanying my inner child.     I feel tight on my shoulders and sour on my back. All kinds of complex feelings are sometimes vague and sometimes clear. Injustice, remorse, helplessness, nervousness, worry, fear, anger and so on. I felt a deep feeling hanging over me, but it was hard to really see what it was. Yes, I noticed that my inner child appeared, but he didn’t let me see his face and let me approach him. I know that the only way is to wait patiently and not disturb him. Yes, from the boss’s face, I seem to see his disappointment and dissatisfaction with me. I don’t know if I want to explain anything. I’ve arranged it very carefully. The accident in the hotel is really uncontrollable. This makes me very sad.     Why are you nervous and afraid of your boss’s disappointment? I want to get closer to my inner child. The tears of injustice wanted to fall down. I vaguely saw him playing home in his childhood and being severely reprimanded by his father.. Father said: If he sees me playing by the river again, he will press me in the water with big stones.. I want to say that I didn’t go into the water at all ( that’s what I wanted very much ), but my father didn’t allow me to say anything at all.. Yes, it seems that I did something wrong, which made me nervous, afraid and wronged.. Maybe I have clenched my fist, but how dare I attack my father?!     Yes, I look forward to my father’s understanding and affirmation. I am too eager to be appreciated. And the heart is full of anger at his father’s despotism! This is my inner child. I saw him at once.     Hello, inner child. I know you are serious and responsible to yourself. You didn’t do anything wrong, but the environment was full of variables, so in the face of some autocratic fathers, you couldn’t tell yourself clearly and your heart was full of anger.. I understand your grievance. Maybe father’s support and maintenance is the only guarantee for your life, but you can completely protect yourself when things change.. You have your own strength. You don’t need to rely on others. I said this to myself and to the inner child in a meditative way. I shivered and felt a lot of excitement at once. Just as I was sinking into the abyss just now, I now find that there is still a supporting force in the valley.. Yes, do I still need to rely on others like I did when I was young?     Thank you, inner child. Your timidity and responsibility have turned me into a prudent person, avoiding many mistakes and pains. Thank you sincerely. Your self-reproach has turned into self-discipline in all things, so that I can grow up to this day step by step.. You don’t have to be nervous and afraid, because I already have a lot of power to dominate myself now. You don’t have to feel wronged any more. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have others cheering. What matters is cheering for yourself.. As a matter of fact, the father is under Jiuquan and should be pleased with his son today. Let the tears flow down, I know that my tears are moved by the acceptance of the inner child. He no longer has so many tangles and shackles, he becomes free and relaxed. I held him tightly, and I was integrated with him.I shook my shoulders and relaxed from tightening. I felt a surge of inner strength, which gave me a boost in spirit. I took a deep breath and knew that the inner child had grown up.

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