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Two days ago, when he saw his father, he was much older and smiled kindly. But to me, I did not dare to look at it, because his face was full of vicissitudes of life, which made me look a little sad..     Although my father gave birth to our sisters but did not support us, I did not hate him. Of course, I hated him once. When I was very young, I hated him when I looked at other children with father’s pain, mother’s love and family happiness. He destroyed our home and let mother’s thin shoulder carry all the burdens of the family. My mother had to be busy and take care of our sisters. In my young heart, the word’ hate’ spread all over my mind..     I remember when I was about six years old, my mother was busy in the field, and my sister and I were hungry. After all, I was my sister and I learned to cook like my mother. I burned boiled water. At that time, I was still cooking stove. Because I was too young and the stove was too high, I stood on a small stool and poured the finished noodle soup into the boiling water, almost scalding myself. I thought the water could be eaten when it boiled. I had thought that it was too big to cook. I didn’t know it was not cooking. My sister and I ate the rice I cooked.? It’s really hard to swallow, but our sisters are really hungry!     When mom came back and saw us eating raw noodles, she turned her back and secretly shed tears, which was the only time her mother shed tears, and then started cooking for us in her apron. Maybe it was too small to understand how much sorrow and suffering she had in her tears, and how much injustice and helplessness she had.. With the growth of age, I am about to step into the 30s and stand up. I seem to see many things, many people, less and less, and not as hot as I once did..     For my father, I don’t hate him any more. Even if he hasn’t raised me and taught me to recognize a word, the word ” calculating father” is vague in my dictionary. How about that? He gave birth to me and gave me life. Maybe that’s why I shouldn’t hate my father! No matter how many things he did sorry for us, he could not reach the baptism of time after all. In the long years of life, all the stories disappeared in the depths of time and did not want to be mentioned again..     A heart stands in the throngs of people, looking back and feeling like a rock, standing in my past and future. People in this life, like vegetation, have to go through the ups and downs. In the depths of the aging time, I caught a glimpse of my father’s head with many more white hair and wrinkles on his forehead deepened several times. Even though he has not been tortured by years, wrinkles still choose to climb on his forehead..     Longitudinal is so, also can’t hide the father’s firm eyes and strong body, his body has sent me a message, that is, the father who is nearly 60 years old is very strong, yes, the most comforting thing in life is the health of his body, but now, the health of his parents is the happiest thing to do for his children, no matter what? He is my father after all, and my body is bleeding from you and your mother.     I believe that in the future, I will put the word ” father” in my dictionary and put it next to my mother’s place to accompany me to grow old.. I firmly believe that time can wash away some sad past that I don’t want to mention, and can also deepen the love of my family. In this life, I only wish that the loved ones will be well, I will be happy and I will be sunny..   Text / Hunan Chuyanli QQ 1743091829

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