Women are not timely detoxification of harmful toxins come from

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Women are not timely detox how pernicious?For women, it is important and timely detoxification can make color are changed for the better, then you know that women do not timely detox how pernicious it?Following small to talk with you women do not jeopardize timely detoxification。
Women do not jeopardize timely detoxification 1, prone to ulcers may not know a lot of friends, mouth, mouth ulcers often not timely related to detoxification。 2, toileting time becomes longer we all know, too much accumulation of intestinal toxins can cause constipation, when people go to the toilet in time will become longer and longer, if this time we do not pay attention to this problem, it is likely to cause hemorrhoids。
Recommendation: mild symptoms of constipation, when women who develop the best fixed defecation time, training in bowel habits, but also with a number of eating whole grains, promote bowel movement food, fine food to eat less, because they are also cause constipation the "killer"。 Women are not timely harm 3 detox, mental pressure becomes great number of women will be a lot of bad feelings at some time, feeling the pressure of life, work is particularly large, the reason aside "aunt", there may be a body toxins again put pressure on you。 Suggestion: when feeling negative emotions affect their own time to solve other problems advises women who want to learn to decompression, relax, do some of the things they like, such as singing, dancing, first bad mood after release。

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