Encouragement of love

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I want to show him the bright side of the world and teach my son to be a kind person, even if he suffers setbacks in the future.. – Sanshi’s children now have a myriad of favorites, as my boy is now, and all the demands are taken for granted, with a weak sense of love and a lack of compassion.. Uh .! This is not a good phenomenon. What should I do? Ah, yesterday morning, I saw a sparrow at the door with my son. At the beginning of my wings, I was learning to fly.. My son had to ask me to help him catch him, but he couldn’t help him. Let him take it by himself. He is extremely timid, and neither insects nor small animals dare approach him.. Just as the house was being decorated, carpenters helped to make a Xiao Mu cage and put the small birds in the cage, which cheered and cheered.! Let him raise a small animal, cultivate and exercise his love and courage.     On his way home, he handed over to his sparrow to eat worms, asked him to prepare food, pulled him to the roadside wheat fields to catch grasshoppers, and after working for half a day, I could only do it for him. Come on slowly, but I can’t wait any longer..     The grasshopper didn’t catch it and pulled a handful of morning glory back to decorate the wooden cage. This time, my son is full of nature. He dressed the cage with me. The effect is good. Can you see me in a colourful ( _ )? I’m looking at you. Chiu – chiu’s young finches are full of wings and leave the nest to try Chuxiang..     A falling spirit does not lose heart, two Xiang heart does not hold high.     I don’t know if I’m going back to my path, but my son happened to be hiding.     Love builds a small hole and moves around to sing.

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