Celebrate the birth of the second grandnephew Yun Cheng

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This year 2015 annuity sheep, my family is destined to have a big happy event. There is a life to come in October. The little life is the crystallization of a small group of my nephew Shaohua and my nephew’s daughter – in – law.   Shaohua is the second son of my eldest brother’s eldest sister – in – law, the eldest son works in the unit, and the second son is a rural freelancer.. My two nephews had daughters before, ” Good” was written in half. The second brother held a granddaughter first, and then a grandson, counting ” good” and ” well – being.”. Sister brother-in-law also has a pair of grandchildren. Eldest brother and sister-in-law had several granddaughters, and naturally they also looked forward to having a grandson. The eldest brother and sister-in-law insisted on the national family planning policy. The matter of eldest brother and sister-in-law asking for grandchildren only fell on the second nephew and his daughter – in – law. The whole family expected a miracle this year.. This year seems to be a good omen. Although everyone is calm and faced with the birth of a nephew and daughter – in – law, relatives and friends are all looking forward to the moment when the baby will be born..   Last year, the eldest brother just assigned a low-rent house in the city. In the first half of this year, in order to welcome the arrival of new life, my great nephew and his daughter-in-law presided over the decoration of the house and moved to their new home on the 26th of the sixth lunar month during the summer vacation.. However, in order to keep my nephew’s daughter-in-law quiet, eldest brother and sister-in-law lived with their second nephew for a few days, and the family returned to their hometown in the countryside..   During the National Day holiday, when the delivery period was approaching, my second nephew’s daughter-in-law went to the designated county hospital for pregnancy test and was also examined by my brother’s work unit.. Before that, the doctor predicted the delivery period, and the preliminary calculation was around October 7 in the Gregorian calendar. On October 3, eldest brother and sister-in-law moved their family to the county seat in advance.. On that day, in order to meet them, my great nephew and his daughter-in-law did not specially invite me and my younger brother and third brother’s daughter and son-in-law who lived in the city to meet his family for entertainment and dinner.. Eldest brother and sister-in-law also take this opportunity to discuss with you the great event of the baby’s birth. It was agreed that the delivery of pregnant women would be arranged at the county hospital where the check-up was conducted.. It was also agreed that everyone would not shut down the machine 24 hours a day to facilitate contact and care.. These days, we are looking forward to exchanging phone calls and grasping the truth.   The end of the day has come. On October 10, 2015, on the Gregorian calendar, at 11: 38 p.m. on August 28, the nephew Shaohua and his baby son were born smoothly, weighing 6 kg and 6 kg.. When my brother called at noon to tell the good news, I immediately rushed to the hospital to congratulate my eldest brother and sister – in – law, my nephew and his daughter – in – law.. Congratulations to eldest brother, eldest sister-in-law and grandson, Shaohua and a small group of people for their happiness. Eldest brother and sister-in-law finally got what they wanted, and the word ” good” was finally written by grandchildren, which was enough to report the spirit of father and mother in heaven.!   In the hospital, when I uploaded the good news to the family members and relatives and WeChat group, the relatives and friends of the sister, brother-in-law and family living in Shenzhen, Guangdong, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, Taizhou and other parties came up to congratulate each other. At the same time, they called to congratulate eldest brother and sister – in – law, Shaohua and the small group.. Red envelopes are being handed over one by one and fireworks are being given away one by one. The relatives are smiling and all are brimming with joy.. Everyone has sent messages saying’ Today is just the’ Double Ten’ Good Day. Congratulations! There is a saying,’ Today’s good day is a sign that the family has added a new million dollars. Congratulations and congratulations! It is said that congratulations to the eldest sister-in-law are perfect and the word ” good” has been written in full.. It’s said’ family’s honor, wish the little guy to grow up healthily! ‘ and so on auspicious words. My nephew said, ” My mother also hopes my uncle and aunt will soon have grandchildren.”. Today, when I learned that my uncle and aunt had grandchildren, I immediately called my mother and told her to make her happy.! ‘ At noon on October 10, in the hospital, Shaohua’s nephew asked me to give the baby a name. I said, the little guy was born at noon and was related to horses. The word ” allow” has many generations, and everyone wants to succeed. We want him to succeed and ask my nephew how about the word ” cheng”? Next to the eldest sister – in – law, Shaohua and a small group of acquiescence. Taking the word ” cheng” was the original intention. in order to give full play to everyone’s wisdom, I asked for their opinions in the family WeChat group in the evening.. I said, according to the generation of ” allow” generation, we have the first male in front of our family: allow flourishing, and rank the second according to the male.. The name of the milk also wants to be one. Everyone brainstorms and publishes his or her talents.. The baby’s four grandmothers, many uncles, aunts, uncles and my nephew gave their names one after another, thus giving birth to a series of names such as Yun Chen, Yun Chen, Yun Ze, Yun Lang, Yun Qian, Yun Ji, Yun Xiang, Yun Rui, Yun Lu, Yun Hao, Yun Yi, Yun Bang, Yun Bo, Yun Jie, Yun Qin, Yun Rui, Yun Cheng, Yun Yi, and so on, and each indicated the origin of the names.. Even using online word testing and scoring to win support, and finally thinking of ” Meng” on October 10 as the international selling day.. I also put forward some personal ideas, thinking that the name is a symbol, simple but not vulgar. I want to refer to the words ” Cheng” ( born at noon, related to the horse: the horse will succeed, lead the way and accomplish everything ), ” Hao” ( born at noon, the sun is shining, the sun is boundless, and his brother Yun Wang has a word of day ), ” Hui” ( sunshine and brilliance, because nephew Tsinghua’s baby Yun Wang, Wang Zi brings a day and hopes they will all have sunshine ) and Yun Xiang ( born this year in the Year of the Sheep, born at noon, soaring in the sky ). I said, Yun Xuan, Yun Rui and other names are actually good, but there are too many people in Ann. I would like to remind you that the choice of name should be simple, but not the same name as that of family ancestors, elders and peers. You should call the name ” Lang Lang Shuang” as usual.. I said, choose a name this thing will be finished tonight, please express your opinions! Since then, the group can be lively.Some people think that life, when young, encourages progress and strives for 10 – 20 % of the upper reaches. By the middle age, they will return to life and only want to be stable at the 80 % time. My lover proposes the name ” Yun ‘an.”. Using the homonym of ” allow” and ” forever” means that life will always be safe, grow up safely, be happy and happy, and do not seek wealth too expensive, but only peace. The score of the name network test is not important, but peace, diligence, sincerity and affection are important. I feel the same way about this. I think it is not necessarily a good thing to be a big man. Grass roots are mowgli and grow happily.. My opinion is that it is good to take ” an” and ” an” as a wish, and the word ” an” is just a little less angular. As a male, I still hope he can establish prestige by doing something.. Nephew believes that ” Hao” is not recommended. First, today’s birth belongs to Libra, saying Hao is not suitable for this constellation. Second, ” Hao” is a relatively large word. If ” Hao” is used, it is suggested to take a low-key nickname at the same time. It seems better to balance the big with the small.. He said, ” An” and ” Hao” are more suitable for Libra than ” An”. At this moment, the lover spoke again. She said that it was very difficult to get the grandson, and it would be good to grow up safely. Don’t be so big. Take Yun An to represent his family and hope him to be safe and happy. As for his future, it depends on the future fortune. The name is just a code name.. A baby’s aunt said that although the name is code name, she still hopes to weigh it carefully. Everyone’s enthusiasm for naming is very high. It’s worth discussing and discussing in the early morning. Finally, we recommend Yun Cheng, Yun An, Yun Hui, Yun Hao, Yun Ze, Yun Xing, Promise, Yun Xiang and so on for the reference of eldest brother and sister-in-law and the baby’s parents.! During the discussion, I wrote the first verse of the family prosperity poem by participating in the Family Celebration Bill: ” Yan Qi Wang Jin Xi Rong Cheng, listen back in spring, summer, autumn and winter; The sky and the sea share the joy of water, and the west village will be bright tomorrow. A seminar commemorating the names of relatives and friends on WeChat in the evening also celebrated the birth of the baby named Yun Cheng. From the names of the seven brothers and sisters in the coming year, the word ” ending” has just reached one point, and from the eighth point it is another point, so that everyone can think again..   When I woke up the next day, everyone had a night’s rest in their heads. I asked everyone to re-state their position on the final recommended name and limit each person to one name.   On the morning of October 20, 2015, Brother Tweve called to confirm his name. It seems that what I said at noon yesterday was the original intention, and I responded to the famous saying ” Don’t forget the original intention, so as to achieve your final goal”.   In the days that followed, everyone remembered the scene when the baby’s second sister was born on August 21, 2013 in the group of relatives and friends.. At that time, I talked about three points that should be paid attention to when naming children: First, the phonology of names should have spiritual motivation. The name sounds like a magnetic field. A good name is pleasing to the ear and a bad name can interfere. Many artists or writers will take another name or another name, such as Zhang Daqian ( formerly Zhang Yuan ). A good name is not only impressive, but also acceptable to oneself.. The second is to avoid homophonic sounds: if parents intend to help their babies take their names, they should pay attention to whether the names are pronounced with indecent homophonic sounds so as to avoid confusion in future generations. For example: Wu Limao, Zeng Haoxiao, Yu Ling ( Rain ), Wei Cong ( Feed Insects ). It’s best to read the name a few more times to see if it sounds smooth. The third is to pay attention to the meaning of words: if parents want to name their children, they must first understand the meaning of words, because some words are not common or have changed the radicals on the side, but the meaning is not good. To sum up, the general principles of naming are: listening to the music, easy to remember, simple to draw, elegant and profound in meaning. In those days, the baby’s second sister took the word ” stream” and ” stream” with its source, flowing ceaselessly, full of vigor and energy. With water, good if water, teacher as a teacher. Now it seems that the brook is full of vigor and passion, and her lively figure is everywhere in Xixi village..   On the 10th of October that day, I gently said to the newborn’s little life that had just opened its eyes, send you a grain of grain to let you live in spring and autumn. Send you a fruit, let you be famous and solid; Send you a rock to keep you safe and strong. Send you a jade, let you worthy of the name. On the perfect day, I wish you happiness and fulfillment, and all the best and fulfillment.. At this moment, I would also like to say to Yun Chengbao that his hometown Ji ‘an is so beautiful that the baby will go and have a look when he grows up.!   Ji ‘an Fu Di, Wu Hua Tian Bao, Ren Jie Di Ling. Crossing the Ganjiang River and Running Water, Walking Home Mountain. Regardless of its spring, summer, autumn and winter, your birth is a clear journey, expecting you to embrace your hometown and look to the world. In the future, in the season when rape flowers bloom, azaleas bloom and spring rains continue. We went to walk along the food street, along the river road, to eat all the delicacies in Ji ‘an, to see all the scenery along the road, and to taste the spring scenery of Ji ‘an.. Let’s go to the Luling Ecological Park near Luozi Mountain to see the scenery Ji ‘an and the classic Luling. Let’s go to the south of the city and feel Ji ‘an’s high school. Ji ‘an people who know how to do things are speeding up their development.. We went to the People’s Square together, watched adults dance, played with gyroscopes, and visited pedestrian streets and over the rainbow Department Store. Happiness was as simple as that. Together, we went to Bailuzhou Head, watched the running water of Ganjiang River, visited the Millennium Academy, boarded the Fengyue Building, felt the sacred places of humanity, and passed down the context.. Let’s go to the ancient forest in Massachusetts to see the water clear and the cattle blossoming like dreams. Together, we went to Wugong Mountain, where mist, grass and green mist, hot springs and baths are better than heaven and earth. Together, we went up to Qingyuan Mountain, visited Jingju Temple, watched mountain water, and listened to Buddhist language to meditate. Let’s go to Jinggangshan together and enjoy the azalea for ten miles to see the history of the storm scenes in those years.. Together, we went to the ancient village of Qingyuan and the ancient kiln of Yonghe Millennium at the gate of our hometown to see the splendor, listen to the ancient precepts and explore the elegance of the ancient times.. Let’s go to the Jitai Industrial Corridor and talk about development and seeking strength. We only hope that the county in the south of the Yangtze River will inherit for a long time..   We yearn for a better life and hope that life can be spent like this: the days that are not too slow are getting faster, the time is pressing, and we cherish the time.. The thousands of lights passing by in life are our way home.   Congratulations on your birth and your eldest sister-in-law and family’s success!According to custom, eldest brother and sister-in-law said they planned to celebrate the birth of the newborn baby in their hometown on October 18.. I feel that it will be a warm and festive day again, which will enable the parents of the baby to face the baby’s journey with joy in the blessing of their relatives and friends … ah, look forward to the 18th of October, when we will return home to welcome the birth of the baby.. May his future become clearer and clearer from day to day, and look forward to an encouraging future for him.!     On the day and night of October 2015, TWELVE will make up the record.

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