Answer the child’s question” what is love? ”

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Child: I received your message on the 17th night and asked my mother a question – what is love? Ha ha, kid, today is the 19th. mom will start to answer your question.     Child: mom said to you first – what is love? According to the Bible regulations, love is enduring and kind, love is not jealous, love is not boasting, not puffed up, not doing shy things, not seeking its own benefits, not easily getting angry, not counting people’s evil, not liking injustice, only liking truth, being tolerant in everything, believing in everything, looking forward to everything, and being patient in everything. Love never stops. This is the true meaning of love! This is how the human race continues to live and multiply.     Child: What are we going to get on our journey of life exploration? So what is love – an old and heavy topic!     Love is a luxurious palace created in the works of scholars and writers: the great love of the great people comes from the great people, ” fallen flowers come up from the sky.”. Love is the long river of human blood and tears, which takes part in the regulations of a dream of red mansions..     Love is a sacred and mysterious realm: ” All over the green hills, the cuckoos are red, and the tobacco leaves outside the tea trees are drunk and soft.”. Love is a sculpture of the suffering of human life: ” Ask what the world love is and teach life and death to agree.”! Love is a helpless pain in the years of life: ” I only wish you a heart like mine, and you will never miss it.”. Love is a treasure that can’t be easily exported. it is a treasure in the heart: ” the clothes are getting wider and wider and will not regret it, and people will be haggard for Iraq.”. Love is a beautiful yearning: ” become a butterfly goes to look for flowers and perches grass every night.”. Love is mutual understanding: ” Huan you sink water fragrance, Nong you Boshan furnace.”. Love is a close match: ” Hold your hand and you will be old with your son.”. Love is the treasure of the whole life: ” Love is inexhaustible, but love is numerous. Do you feel as much as you can, understand as much as you can, and there is no shadow or wave in the middle of the month.”. ‘ dare to love: a real man; Dare to bear, make men strong and thick; Dare to Love: A True Woman; Dare to bear, make women gentle and serene.     The wonder of God’s creation of man lies in this: He made the whole man into two hearts and threw them into the boundless sea of people. Two hearts are searching for: Where is that heart? In love, true love is once! Sacred and mysterious, the search is so beautiful and so heavy!     A person came to this world, is helpless; I came to this world without any discussion. And’ love’ comes along with it, which’ love’ is’ love’ of parents’ and’ love’ of family ties’ and’ love’ which cannot be refused or rejected, and it is precisely this many’ love’ that makes us grow up, and so is the power of’ love’ that makes us bear the burden.. There is an initial acceptance of ” love” and the gradual change of ” love” to give one’s own, which can be said to be the process of ” thoroughly remoulding oneself”. This is ” love” which is an infinite exclamation in the years of life.!     Child: What is love? Love has a halo, that is to say, a person wants to do one thing, which is proportional to the halo. It can also be said that one thing is done by a halo, and this halo is done by one person.!     Zhuangzi said: state of mind determines state. I understand this: how broad a person’s heart is, how big things are done, how bright a halo is.     Everyone needs to position himself in life: to do things! One thing one has done is’ love’. Love’ has’ itself,’ love’ has’ the person you want to love. Love’ has no territory! No matter how rich or poor . Ah, boy: Mom said to you: Learn to manage, manage in ” love” and ” love”. Love is so beautiful! It’s so heavy! hehe! Then let your life become poetry! Poetry is composed of sadness and sweetness, just as the birth of a life has its birth pains and joys.!     Love’ has no definition, only goal.     Tang xianzu’s participation in Huai people’s poems is beautiful in artistic conception. he also said: ” the world is always in love and love gives birth to poems.”. We see it this way: ” The world is always loving and loving poetry.”. Whether it is love or love, it is the driving force of people’s good life and the yearning of a heart. ‘ yearning” is a force! Love, Yes, Desire, Beautiful Wings, Love, and Make One Thing, Is fly with me’s Sky, Make Life Better for You and the People You Love.     Children: ” There is no connection between love’ and’ happiness”’! Happiness is” This song only exists in heaven and can be heard several times in the world!’ Wonderful and” Hard work has the greatest pity on the sky and the moon. Once upon a time, it became a ring. Once upon a time, it became a ring. If it looks like the moon will be bright and clear, it will take no pains to keep the ice and snow warm.. ‘ to keep together!     Happiness or” but how much love has the inch-long grass, reported three Chunhui. ”.     ‘ Love” and” Happiness’ .’ Einstein’s Theory of Relativity is really great!     No matter how the world changes, what we want is’ love’!

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