My great grandfather

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I was about eight or nine years old when my elder brother came to my house. He had a long white beard, and his tall body was already bent with a large part of his teeth missing. He only chewed food with a few front teeth. His mouth pursed and pursed during chewing, which made me feel funny at a young age.. As he is the mother’s uncle, the mother is also very filial to him and always makes the food soft and delicious, making it easy for him to eat. But he always stroked his beard and sighed, ” I have been away from my hometown for decades, and I want to go back, and I am afraid to go back.”! No yan see fellows! Mother began to comfort: ” Da Die, the 4th couple are very filial, why do they go back to their hometown?”? You’ve traveled all your life, and when you get old, it’s a blessing to have a good mouth to eat.. ” Alas,” said Da Wai Yeh, shaking his head, ” My hometown folks want to ask my children and grandchildren. I have no face to face with.”! futile! ‘ said, and tears.     Mother also wipe tears.     After a few years, the elder brother’s legs and feet were no longer able to go out, and he wanted to come to my house, but he could not, so his mother went to take care of him every three to five until he went to another world..     When he was young, he was very proud and often went out to travel and do small businesses.. Because he was handsome and spoke cleanly, Liu Zheng in the village and his father had a good relationship, so he forced him to marry his own daughter.. The daughter-in-law he despises must not be tied to his heart. He has more days to go out and less days to go home, but how can he stay strong when the road is under his feet and his feet are strong?? Although his parents always try their best to keep him when he comes home. Later, his new daughter-in-law became ill and died in the agony of waiting for him to return..     His parents are so helpless that they pull a long face every day.. One evening when the autumn rain was falling and falling, I heard only a loud cry from the door: ” old mother, old mother – stop the dog for me.”. ‘ His parents went out and saw a woman in her twenties pulling a boy of two or three years old..     Young women are sallow and emaciated, tall and tall, with big eyes and handsome eyebrow eyes. She said weakly, ” old mother, give it to stutterers.”! My girl and I haven’t eaten in a day. ‘ famine years, often to begging at the door. The old couple took out a bun and stuffed it into the young woman’s hand and said, ” Alas, sinful wow.”! The young woman stuffed the bun into her son’s hand, and the little boy wolfed it down.     Old mother, there is an elder sister in haozi bay. she said she is your eldest daughter and let me find your home. ‘ The young woman licked her chapped lips.’ How do people live to say this?? My man is dead, begging for food. I want to live in Haozi Bay. My elder sister asked me to come and call me your daughter – in – law! ‘ said, tears rustling down.     His mother looked at the young woman carefully for a while, smiled at the man who held the young woman and said, ” Quick – quick, enter the room.”. My son must have a crush on it. ‘ The little boy cried out for food and drink, and the old couple quickly made hot ground strips. The body of the girl and the girl was cold and hungry.     In this way, the young woman stayed in the house of the great grandfather, looking ruddy gradually, more charming, diligent and quick – witted, making the old couple happy and only looking forward to her son’s return..     A month later, the Great Foreigner came back. He was tall and strong, with a dusty face.. He had a crush on young women, and his wandering heart finally settled down. They married immediately. The little boy called his father. He changed the name of the little boy to Zhang Tanger. A quiet home had laughter, and the parents of Da Wai Yeh were only looking forward to holding their grandson as soon as possible..     A few years later, Da Wai Yeh moved with his parents, wife and children from Gansu to the southern mountainous area of Ningxia, where people live in small and wide areas and are still fairly solid. About two years later, their daughter Shuangtao was born, and the great foreign master became more energetic, getting up early and working in the dark all day long.. Outside the big ye also have no selfishness, send seven or eight-year-old Zhang Tang son to the school, knowledge of broken words. But one day, the elder brother went to the school to find a tutor, and his son changed his name to jun – ye Liu. his heart suddenly cooled and he treated him like himself, but he was still so fickle! He came home furious with his wife and she tried to appease her, ” Don’s biological father left such a flesh and blood. We can’t force the doll to be big enough to have our own ideas, so let him alone.”. His parents also appealed to him: ” The melon should be planted by itself and the child should be autotrophic.”. You’re still young. Let’s get back to life. Parents wow! dying. After giving birth to double peaches, the mother of double peaches took many medicines because of her lunatic illness, so she could hardly eat the flowers on the stone.!What should I do? ‘ a big man was in tears.     Double peach mother” plop” knelt in front of him, ” let me die, I can’t hurt you any more! ‘ He helps his wife up and dries her tears.” This is life. Don’t we have double peaches?? Zhang Tanger went home from school, and the elder brother touched his head and said, ” Tanger, you are the root of the Liu family, surnamed Liu.”! ‘ From then on, outside the home, the name Liu Junye was opened. Jun – ye Liu also grew up one day and turned 14 or 15. Granny Daiwai discussed with Daiwai: ” I’d better find a uxorilocal family for Junye, and let him set up a separate portal. I’d rather be close to him if I were far away.”. ‘ So, big outside ye inquired about, and later found out that there was a widowed Yang Dashu in Yang Jiacun twenty miles away with only one only daughter, who was small and exquisite and kind – hearted. He asked someone to propose a marriage, and Yang Dashu said earlier that Da Wai Ye was generous and honest and frank, and did not see Liu Junye, so he agreed to the marriage in one go..     From then on, Liu Junye began to work for the Yangs. Two years later, the two families chose a date to marry him.     Double peach grew up, dignified and beautiful, with a smile full of aura. She was considerate to her parents, and the big foreign master was even more painful in her heart.. The matchmaker came to the door, and the old couple couldn’t bear to let their daughter marry out. In a moment Shuangtao was over seventeen years old. In that year, it was a big girl. If she did not marry, she would have been gossiping. Big Waiye could not bear the soft and hard bubble of Soko in the next village and agreed to the marriage of Shuangtao and Soko’s second son. The date of the wedding has been pushed from the beginning of spring to the end of winter.. The matchmaker said, ” The fifth day of the twelfth month cannot be changed any more. This is calculated according to the two children’s birthdates. There is no such good day this year.”. ‘ Double peaches had to get married on the fifth day of the twelfth month.     The old couple spent four days in solitude. On the fifth day early in the morning, two men from the neighboring village came to Da Wai Yeh’s house and talked about some homely gossip. They stayed until the sun set and refused to leave.. Da Wai Yee wondered and could not help but ask, ” I always think you two have something to do.”. ‘ People suddenly looked flustered and said, ” It’s okay to talk to you.” At this moment, I saw a few people shouting from the opposite mountain, and the two men hurried away..     Da wai ye heard the mountain shout: ” people are no longer available – people are no longer available -” da wai ye looks like dirt, ” my double peaches, my double peaches”, he put his fingers in a calculation,” something big has happened! ‘ at the foot of a sputtering.     Someone came to hold the Great Outsider and said, ” Lao Zhang, please go and have a look at me. I see your old couple has been unable to open their mouths.”. Alas, people how so hard luck? Later, the elder brother and grandmother stumbled to sue’s house, ” double peaches, my baby, I want to see my baby.”’ sue pockmarked’s eldest son dragged the old couple into a dark room and locked the door.     The old couple cried and robbed the land, but no one answered until they were exhausted and unconscious.     I don’t know how long it took, the old couple woke up and cried without strength, ” please let me have a look at my baby.”! You are killing people without blood! My double peaches are pathetic to you! ‘ Sue Pockmarked seems to have a face of grief, ” The old in-laws and double peaches got a nasty illness and went away like this. I’m afraid you can’t accept it, so do it. The old in-laws are sorry! Alas, you have any requirements, just ask. You won’t let me see my baby, you killed my baby, and I fought with you. ‘ big outside ye staggered jump up.     Sue pockmarked’s eldest son grabbed the hand of the elder brother, ” spell – forget it! People are buried, she is such a big life, people can’t be resurrected. ‘ poor big outside ye single-handedly thin, at the mercy of the family and threats, was eventually carried home, also didn’t see his daughter.     ” I’m a foreigner, and it’s useless to engage in a lawsuit,” Liu Junye advised. ” Besides, Soko I can’t afford to be taunted, and his nephew is an official in the county.”. ‘ big outside the ye can only let sue pockmarked bought a lot of paper money, every once in a while with a donkey carried to the tomb daughter grave, burning while crying, burning for several years.     Since then, Da Wai Ye has been dispirited and discouraged, and has started wandering again, not even going home for the New Year.. Granny Da Wai was alone in the empty house, washing her face with tears all day long.. Liu Junye took her to his house, and she also did not want to, sighing: ” People say that there is a soul in death, and the soul of double peaches must come back to see me every day. I dreamed that she cried every day. Alas, my poor baby, once I leave, she will have no home, and her soul will not be found.”. ‘ said, and sobbing again.     Jun – ye Liu couple struggling to persuade also can’t. Liu Junye’s daughter-in-law said: ” My son IV is over two years old. Send him over and make a companion for his parents. Dad is coming back these days. Tell him that Zhang, the fourth surname, may be able to tie his heart.”. ‘ over the years did not take good care of the old couple, jun – ye Liu also felt guilty, especially after the death of double peaches, his comfort to the old man’s spirit was too little. He and his daughter-in-law carried the fourth world over to explain their thoughts. Da Wai Ye said, ” Wait for you to have another one, and then bring it over.”. The dolls are not used to being empty around you. ‘ Liu Junye’s daughter-in-law shoved the fourth world into the arms of Da Wai Ye, ” Dad, you’d better take care to raise him! He is your grandson.”” big outside ye career, ” I and your mother in recent years the in the mind bitter ah! Your sister was killed by sue pitted’s eldest son. the beast tried to bully his brother’s daughter-in-law Tao er, who had just entered the room, but he even ordered my baby’s life. dad almost choked off. you went to Tao er’s grave and dreamed of her these days. this winter, she certainly didn’t wear warm clothes and died. I dreamed she said she didn’t wear them. these days, she squatted in the tree. poor ah” Liu junye knelt in front of the great grandfather and cried, ” dad, over the years, where can I have poor people’s reason to accept their fate?”! Your parents move to live in the past. We will honor your parents well.. You are the door-to-door son – in – law, and it’s better for us to live apart, ” the elder brother stroked the head of the fourth in his arms.” the fourth, just stay. ”! ‘ After this, the big outside ye also rarely went out, carefully pulling iv.     Zhang iv also grew up gradually, smart and sensible, and the big man also finally had a smiling face.     Later, Zhang iv grew up, married and had children, and the great foreign master held a great grandson and enjoyed the happiness of being together for several years..     Years make people old, and the elder brother lived for more than eighty years and died.     Now, all the relatives in my family are still in close contact with the Zhang IV family. My great grandfather, when you are alive, you are afraid of going back to your hometown. I don’t know whether you will return to your hometown or not. You don’t sigh again in another world. In fact, your roots have been left behind and have been deeply rooted in this land.. Rest in peace. People live their lives. That’s it. It doesn’t really matter to lose and get them. What matters is that we live and taste all the flavor of life.    .

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