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Every house should have a door. China’s door culture is very rich. Even the’ front door’ and’ back door’ are not a word to go by.. Regardless of ancient and modern times, Gaomen compound is a symbol of identity and status. Du Zimei’s ” Zhu Men dog meat stinks, and the road has frozen bones” is the powerful man with a strict family.. The common people can only be’ should have pity on the teeth and print moss, and the small buckle Chai Fei will not open for a long time’.     There are probably doors since people built houses. The role of the gate was initially only to prevent attacks by wild animals or possible threats from other tribes.. Entering the class society, with private property, the door has a stronger meaning of guarding property. When the door closes, it seems to say to people, ” Don’t come in. This is my territory. Everything in it is mine.”. ‘ and the property obtained by the ruling smelter without work is far beyond the comparison of the working people, and their guilty conscience and fear have prompted them to constantly build the courtyard wall. Not only that, but also paint the door with the same color as feared blood, and then bring in two mighty lions to guard it..     The door was dead, but the man was alive, so there was a guard. The dead door and the living people should be allowed to enter, and those that should not be inserted cannot be inserted with wings.. The door also has a screening function. This great invention has been used to this day and will continue to be passed on. After all, some places are not accessible to anyone.     In modern times, the art of doors has been brought into full play by people, with more and more wooden doors, steel doors, glass doors and back doors, and the left side of the side doors has also been renovated. The safety factor of the door is at its peak, and the steel door is not enough, so it should be thickened, a lock should not work, and double insurance should be required.. In a word, it is to lock yourself firmly in the door and keep everything outside the door except me.. Arguably, entering the modern society, the level of civilization is higher and higher, the rule of law is more and more sound, and people should open their hearts and minds to it..     Rows of neatly arranged buildings look at first glance like building blocks built by children, except that they are bigger and stronger. In such a hollow box, people pay attention to their own daily necessities, ” crash” and ” shut the door, not just the door.”.     The security door is closed and the door has to be closed. The space is constantly divided, the smaller the points are, and in this cramped space people have the security of being’ wrapped’ up, just like a treasure in a box or red cloth on a layer by layer, they can only see its true appearance by pulling threads and peeling cocoons..     A house without a door is not safe to live in. In the dead of night, the movements upstairs and downstairs were ringing in the ears, tables and chairs moved, doors closed, and knocks against each other as if they were broadcasting a life drama.. I don’t know where the sound comes from. It always makes people feel like knocking at the door.. What is particularly reassuring is that the dark doorway does not know when it will come out of a person or something like a person.. Very not easy to sleep, will also wake up in a dream.     The master who installed the door was a middle-aged man with elegant speech, not only dressed neatly, but also worked as cleanly as flowing water, and a door worked magically under his hand.. The house with the door is like Zhang Sengyou’s dragon with eyes and breathing. As soon as the door is closed, there is no extra empty space and peace and security will be displayed.. This has nothing to do with whether the decoration is luxurious or not.     At the end of the work, the master said, ” I can always have a good night’s sleep.”. I was surprised that the master had such a subtle insight that he made my mind clear. I don’t know whether the people who deal with the door every day have a deeper understanding of the door, or whether this is the experience they should have in their early years..

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