Breaking the Pottery Pot in Your Heart ( Writer’s Selected Issue 5 )

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Listening to audio books on Cool Listening Network, I overheard an article about the earthquake zone regulations of participating in love and reaching the soul.. It’s a story about a pottery jar. The story is about this: a person accidentally got a pottery jar presented by someone else and said, ” Take it well, it’s worth a few dollars.”. ‘ The speaker may not be interested, but the listener is interested. Then I found the relevant information of this pottery jar in the books on antiques returned by the grantee’s daughter, convinced that it was a treasure, and then the pottery jar was protected with emphasis.. The master later found different people to inspect the treasure, and they all said it was a fake and it was worth several hundred dollars.. The master’s family still guarded the pottery jar with a skeptical attitude. He was happy and fidgety from time to time and was restless from day to night in the constant reading of books.. Finally one day, the pottery jar was broken and smashed by the cat.. The pottery jar was broken, and all the reverie and worries that arose from it vanished.     After hearing this story, my heart could not be calm for a long time. It looks like an ordinary pottery jar, but there are many troubles. The heart tired by the pottery also stopped with the breaking of the pottery. In our life, we hold such pottery ideas for many times.. The idea of things, the prejudice against some people, the attachment to a relationship, the pursuit of fame and fortune and so on, put themselves into the pottery jar, and then kept fermenting inside until they deteriorated, but did not know that the world outside the pottery jar was more wonderful and was locked in the pottery jar all day long.. If you have different views on things, everyone will have different views and arguments from others. Most of the time, we only look at problems from our own perspective and thinking pattern. More often, we wear tinted glasses and measure some people or things by our own evaluation criteria. Often, we see others’ shortcomings.. In fact, if you think from another angle, think from the perspective of others and try to understand these people and things, you will find different skies. See the advantages of others and don’t hold on to their shortcomings, so that you can see the good others and the bad yourself, and you will feel the beauty of the world..     I once had a friend who loved to be serious about everything, almost to the point of paranoia.. Every small matter must be seriously dealt with, and every small matter must be divided into indiscriminate and life-and-death disputes.. The difficult problems in her work are serious and can be understood as being responsible for her work. But sometimes they are also serious about trivial matters, which always make people very uncomfortable.! Carefully think about it, it is her heart always can’t lose the pottery jar. The way she looked at the problem and measured others by her standards just put herself in the pottery jar! Every time I hear her tell me, I always talk about her with a blast, and she always accepts it with a smile, but the next time I do something similar in the same way.!     It seems difficult to break the pottery jar in your heart, but on second thought it is easy. The key depends on whether you have the determination to break the pottery jar, not whether you have the ability to do it, but whether you want to do it or not.. I have had such a heart knot myself, and I have pursued it constantly for the sake of so-called fame and fortune.. For the sake of a certificate that looks like scenery, I nearly collapsed myself. It was not until one day when I passed a thousand-year-old ancient building complex that I saw the ” long green” of the eaves tiles suddenly let go and understood the quick success and instant benefit of the certificate for the sake of the certificate, which will make people feel tired.! Tired to the point where one cannot rest at all times, one cannot enjoy a moment’s peace. After the real acquisition, the accompanying relaxed mood is not realized in the pursuit process. And this calm and cool mood is what life needs! Remember what others said: The real honor is not a piece of paper, but an uncrowned king in others’ hearts! Just try your best to be yourself, so that the respect and recognition will not be less than that certificate. The pottery jar in my mind has been broken, and the calm after breaking the pottery jar is the freedom with sex in my life! Be yourself and don’t get tired of fame and fortune. In this way, your advantages will gradually become dense..     In fact, it is not true to treat marriage and love! When the person you love no longer loves you, when the person you care about already cares about others, why do you still live a miserable life with a broken feeling?. You can choose to turn gracefully, even if you have all kinds of reasons, and in order to live with dignity, please love yourself well.! Excessive accommodation and tolerance can only make the other person become more serious, and also let yourself fall into the abyss of misfortune from now on.. Don’t let it be that pottery jar to maintain a good image in other people’s hearts! In this life, if you live for others, you will never be able to free yourself from the burden of your heart.. When you still can’t see the light while you live for others, please live well and beautifully for yourself! Only in this way, is the greatest praise to oneself! Break the persistent pottery jar in your heart. You will see the sunshine outside the pottery jar and the bright spring scenery.!     In life, each of us has a pottery complex, just hope that when you find your own pottery, please break it bravely! The heart that was so tired from the pottery jar will calm down. A life that seems noisy and beautiful can only please the eyes of others for a while, but it can not become an eternal scenery.. And calm, indifferent, casual and natural are the necessities and highlights of life!     Be the person who doesn’t have a pottery complex, let others watch your wonderful and change one after another!    QQ : 763433429

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