A beggar’s prophecy

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There are countless things to add to life, but few things to give charcoal in the snow. It may make you lament the cold and warm of the world and indifferent to human feelings, but give up the goodwill that you have long cherished in your heart..     This is a true story. It happened a long time ago. I wrote it out for nothing but kindness can always flow in life and warm you, me and him..     In the early 1970s, a beggar begged along the street, often hitting a wall. In those days, many people were worried about living from hand to mouth. Who would have been so stupid and not looked after themselves first?? But there is such a person, he is an eight-year-old boy. At that time, his family was not well-off either. He could only eat coarse grain cakes and made a white flour steamed bread for his children for New Year’s parents, which was only enough for two and only a little for each child.. The boy gave the beggar the biggest steamed bread. The beggar was surprised and said to the boy, ” This child is really good. He must be very promising if he can go to college in the future.”. The college students of that time were really amazing! The boy listened to his heart with alacrity, for his help to the beggar, and also for the beggar’s good wishes to him.. The family all said, this child is really stupid!     After many years, the boy did not go directly to college, but became an officer in the military academy after joining the army.. And he kept his ” silly” all the time, while the people around him felt his ” good” and he lived happily and happily.. Because the gift of roses has a lingering fragrance in his hand, he is surrounded by the fragrance: caring for others and being happy with himself, he is happy with his efforts.     His life experience confirms the beggar’s prediction, but it is not because of this prediction, but because he has received good feedback.. It is a kind of beautiful mentality, such as sunshine, illuminating oneself and warming others.     Life is like a mirror. When you smile to him, he will smile to you. When you are full of kindness to him, you will get kindness in return.. Although this kind gesture does not require feedback in itself, at least you can gain a good state of mind..

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