A pair of iron chopsticks

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This relationship, in addition to hurt, I decided to stay this pair of iron chopsticks, always alert to their own, remember this shame.    A strange phone suddenly rang, came the gentle voice: “You are right Qin Zhi?”I naturally back to the sentence:” Who are you?How do you know my name?I hear laughter, it turned out to be my new female colleague Finn put my phone told him, I smile and say, Oh, you are not a liar?He must say: I’m not a liar.Everyone smiles as naive.    Soon, a good friend called me and asked me, does anyone call you.I said yes, she said he had nothing to say to you, I say I do not find a boyfriend, why do you tell him to call me?Said Fern way more than friends, it does not matter, she and his uncle very well, regarded know too much, I think people can not close themselves, became so slowly developing.    Finland is a very warm person, always say free to play with my family, and come with him, more than one person busy.Can not withstand repeated invitations, pumping the air he came to pick me up near my house, buy some fruit to go Fen house guest.Fendt intended to buy on-huang of duck wings, but also personally made a fish, meat, and a few other dishes, a few people very rich, had dinner, sitting in the living room, Finland on a few cups of tea, because a small place, I used to give him a cup of tea the way he stood up on the sofa waiter, was very excited look, let me say how to help him tea, I think how so cute, just a cup of tea, it is normal, everyone happy the idle words, with Finland’s son, walked around the streets outside, saw a child shook his car, his son Finn wanted to play once, he hastened to dig a coin thrown into it, and so did not take the wallet Finland, speed fast, I feel very careful person, home sat for a while, I said to go back, he should tell the truth in front of Finn’s face, say I love you, oh, Finland deliberately say, what you say?Did not hear, he repeated aloud the way, I love Qin Chi.I quickly ran out, I said, I go first, Finn said: do not hurry to chase.Also let me mention Fen take snacks, and I think that Finland too warm, and how to eat the nerve to take snacks.Him to catch up, very sincere self-introduction, his family and personal circumstances, so straightforward, I just told him that now is not looking for a boyfriend.He said he could wait I promised him that day.    One day, the company requires us to decorate their own reception to new customers feel, who wants to spend money to buy new, are wondering how to do, he happened to practice a telephone call came over and asked dined no, I would say Shunzui this matter, he said, such a simple thing, I can help you make things right, he said the next day he bought a few really big paper over, in accordance with the requirements of the company, to become blue color table, I say this paper helpful?It will not be easy to break, but also to the table every day, plastering, he spliced a picture, call me patiently waiting for him to do, I would like to help, he says he can be a man of.I like the independence of people do not want to have helped a little thing to do, it makes me very happy, and so he was a good fight, and then tape all the letters again, a big table were a new look.    The days flowing, development actually because that day I cried for an hour, Finn called to tell him, tell him to comfort me.It brought me a lot of milk powder and other snacks.In fact, a small thing, but for me especially afraid of that day, a small compartment room lights broken, pitch-dark, I went to touch the bag of clothes to take a bath, even touch soft things, I do not know what I picked up a piece of clothing thrown hard, as if something falls out, I’m frightened, and quickly throw away the clothes, I immediately realized that my mother has been with me, to worry about mice hidden in the clothes, quilts years, I have always disagree, this feeling of electric shock, I can not stand, I sat on the chair, frightened, a man crying, I’m crying Why am I so timid?Why I’m a person back?Why is my life so badly?All of grief came together hold my inconsolable, crying tired, did not sleep here, ran back home.    The next day he came to see me, we watch a movie together, at night, he did not want to leave, I let him stay, he said he promised not to touch me, just hold me, one night, as if he did not asleep, I have been heard in the twilight, he said: you know how much you like it?If is so real, so Brief Encounter.I was so confused in love with him.    He always asked him what I needed to do, I let him take the time after work to help me purchase, company meetings can sometimes substitute let him go for me, save me run, I feel at ease in guarding the store.Colleagues praised him for his very listen to my words, work very hard, every time to see him so earnestly came to rush to help.I think I found half rely on, and I do not seek envy other people’s wealth, people just want to find a diligent, scraps together, I believe that only the couple concentric with the force, will be able to create a better future.    Mother’s birthday, and I told him, have you, must give my mother had a special birthday this year, he is also very happy to go to farms to buy a big, big dishes, a variety of fruit, and soon, a engraving plate fruit platter will do the work, I love him.His hand what a coincidence, her mother looked very happy this gift.    Individual work overtime when needed overnight, he always said, you taught me, taught me, as you can go to bed early, I do, the fact, too, that in good faith.I’m not happy do not eat, I coax him to eat, starve yourself to stomach, but also fighting back, feed me a mouthful.I can not bear him less pain, and thank him as he obediently ate.    Day this past year, I have been quiet in their own fantasy of a better life.    Slowly he came back later and later, always said to go home, brothers and friends gathering, I started really thought it was his suspicion heavy, I told myself, give each other space and not be tied too dead, like kite flying, let know know how close I thought I was too headstrong, where he provoke not happy, I thought it was my fault, I think I have learned to be a smart woman.Because both decided to get married, and I believe him.    My birthday is coming up, I deliberately did not remind him, to see him remember, because he always said I had to take to a birthday, so I must be the happiest woman.I ordered a cake for himself, and he would like to share with two of the world.I look forward to the arrival of faster at night, the minutes ticked by, the phone came to work late tonight, and then called in the past, said the leadership and supper together, asked not to come back to give me a little something to eat, I said no, still looking forward, nine, ten or eleven, twelve played in the past no one answered, cell phone is dead?What is really?I shortness of breath, still holding a glimmer of hope, 1:30 he finally knocked on the door, if not my birthday today, so noisy few, no problem, I read in him good to me, and would forgive him, I do not I believe this is simply another overtime, eating, arguing for a long time, he just said did not want to explain, but I am skeptical to others too, and I want to come back.I almost have to be coaxed later, I went out to catch him, I say you leave here tonight, he said he did not go, do not leave me, because I can not afford to really hurt, he loves me, I still do not listen, reluctantly, to go walk right tomorrow morning?I no longer believe his lies firmly in this moment in time for him to go, why should love me, I do not cherish, my anguish, I do not know what I did wrong, so he willing to do this to me, I think illogical.Went on against their will, then, What a day, what a night it is waiting, so waste, I am very sad not care how birthday too, happy day, every day, birthday, every day, holidays, just really I do not believe.Finally, he hit a telephone friend, in the morning, call a car, he puts his all away.    So, after a few days, a good friend asked us how, and I feel that there is too much, maybe really misunderstood him, he happened to come back to take the last thing the same is not important, I hugged him from behind, nearly pleading ask, do we have a chance?I love you!I never know what to regret, from small to large, even if wrong, even though bruised, and I do not regret my decision every time, but this time I regret it, I should not doubt you.He went back to me softly: there are opportunities, we take advantage of this time to properly cool off.I am very happy, that captures the happiness.    And we have a good, but not the way it was before, more and more of his lies, all later, bear mention.I and my friends could not believe the fact that this year can not believe he did not see the face of his brother secretly told me that he’s all true, he said he had thought I would encounter change well, that prodigal son to stay, giving a chance, but did not expect a leopard change its spots, his brothers he advised me to leave early, so people do not deserve me to pay for him, waiting for him.    A veritable liar.Only this pair of iron chopsticks, before he gave me instead of wooden chopsticks, I reflect on their own, decided to leave it only traces of their future can not tell good pain is forgotten, the lie can actually play so real, fool all of the people around me.I will use every day with this pair of iron chopsticks, not complaining, not sad, I want to be reborn, I want a new beginning, because too much experience frustration, I want to live in a wonderful way in the future, so do not cherish people to repent, even more important is to let yourself to live out the meaning of life, because I really had enough to become a weak, I want to self-reliance.    Helleborus always spur me, make me more reason to cheer for the better!

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