classmate reunion

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Looking back, as if reading also frolic when the freeze on campus mottled walls, hearty laughter still sweet emerald football field in jubilation, reading aloud waves in the ears., A vivid picture emerge in front, do not have a more than a decade, can not find the exact words to express a miss.Lamented the passage of time, years of relentless, we are still immersed in the 18 years of age, can be passed when we stand now, the once young and frivolous, long gone, once the Mood for Love, already walking away.After the 70 we have stood on the 30-year-old tail, face together after twelve years, how many people may be reluctant to Xiangxi?He vowed that we will never forget.    One year spent similar, each year is different.Whether we are still innocent cried “Dasha, the old show, a small gun.”Wait a wealthy origin of the name; and female students have a word you will blush; half a rubber not yet borrowed the story; not answer questions being asked the teacher to go to the embarrassment of standing on the podium; fainted during military training you, playing the horizontal bar crotch tear things physical education; cheating in examinations written in the thigh Glossary.Funny things as time goes by, memories together again today, do not recognize or, sorry worth mentioning, anyway, just to narrow the distance between.Name or previous name, if you still before you?Now you are embarrassed to speak of the new term mouthful, do not see the color of the canvas bag has been replaced by Apple, to answer questions trembled small back you now speak poetic, not our topic in which female students beautiful, which is more teacher attractive, but in a market economy how how to bag muster, what kind of signs Which car is, how to play mahjong I’m Feeling invincible, the most popular brands of clothes and famous eating.Female students are not in class male students who said Shuai Shuai who does not rank, but what is in the unit, digital interested in year-end awards, where there is a house, which of the beauty of the most attractive and so instead of topics.    Passage of time, tattered classroom has been replaced by high-rise, you and I are the passage of the years lost naive, perhaps we have not only become a familiar name.

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