Boy Diary

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Early autumn campus, a little busy.Shenzhuolanyao people stay up late to get up early, yawning, Duan Leyi double bleary eyes, stopped to see – the morning sun will penetrate the fog of several overlapping peaks of the world, projected under the boy’s figure, long, seem to have been pulled out memories.  22-year-old boy, dyed his hair reddish hair, the same eyes that low temperature for a long time, every blocked off the outside world.Walking in the early morning campus, along with the pace of the new semester dressed in camouflage mentees, hurry.The boy had a junior, early memories of two years ago, had just arrived, out of reach.To call her last night, listening to the grievances of the phone talk, the boy’s heart suddenly softened, he was also a distant foreign land wanders study, can understand helpless and alone.  Night on campus, slightly cold, the boy took out the phone, take a half round the moon, with a sigh, looking at the screen in full moon light radiance, reluctantly shook his head, shot out why every time the moon is round it?Lelong boy jacket, went to the hostel, where brightly lit, four people crowded into a small space, youth was compressed into a short diary page after page, quick and dirty, and off.  Boys like text, but also intermittent.Many years later, he still remembers: the first day of that year, he was in love with a girl for the first time With Heart wrote a broken pieces of text.After the girl knew the boy wanted to see pestering.Finally, the boy finally dispelled the concerns of the diary to the girl, but the girl was misunderstood his.Very sad boy, in front of the girl’s face burned a diary that winter, 13-year-old boy, 14-year-old girl.This boy has become the first knot, after long years, the boy always regularly write down thoughts, then burned.  The boy has a lot of knot, underlie many of the stories, like the city closed a seat, which he lost in, find the exit.2 years, slough off the boy first came here immature, but always as originally general, yearning for a better.He said “two summers ago, and I used to do a farewell, rushed forward to pull off.However, very ironic, but I spent two years Huanguo Lai, thinking to continue to move forward in.2 years, in my case, it was a catastrophe.”Once again, the summer quietly away, leaving shallow memories, full of mind.The boy was hit by the difficult – in love with two girls.As he wrote in a diary that “so far away, but it will affect all for her emotions, as she moved her crying, sorry for her.”The girl said she liked the boy’s confession.In fact, the boy was afraid of hurting her.The boy always had a feeling – each approached their own, more or less, will be hurt, so the boy was afraid, afraid of their own like, afraid of those who approached his beautiful mind.  Guo said, “the original and the children slightest word is never happy, happy like the fun of their children, wandering into the sky, wandering into the sky still would not come back.”So the boy often think of myself as a favorite character of children.He said, “To be a quiet person, reading, writing, waiting for love.”He believes in fate, I believe in love, keep looking at a much expectations.He said, “Wait meet heart to heart, just as flowers Rye season, not urgent.”So the boys are not afraid of loneliness, he believes – doomed people together, no matter how many times become separated, eventually at a time, a place, a time to meet again.  The boy was a simple man, longing for the simple love, he said, “I love the concept of the ‘free’, you are with me, at least to be happy, then you really do the most, naughty, willful mischief.I will feel good, I liked it.”Ordinary him as ordinary as you and me, why so harsh it?    By Barry Leaves (QQ: 1663983775)

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