Beyond the Great Wall of Wind Stirring Snow

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Deepest winter, the mountains beyond the Great Wall to the wind blowing snow mix that can be called personal fear, a bag of tobacco effort can freeze to death sheep, that is, in large Yanmenguan foreign minister who also fear third of it.    You probably have not experienced the mountains beyond the Great Wall to the wind blowing snow stir bar?You might want to try it right?That you see who is not wearing a fur coat leather pants, trousers also played leggings, otherwise the biting wind that stirred the snow, will from your Kutong bottom-up filling entered, wearing a padded coat in general and it can only half stick of incense effort just to compete.    Sky snow just down to three or four inches thick look, do not know how to wake up “strange mountain”, is not snowing God did not inform it annoyed?Snow is not the jealous girl to the mountains covered with white coat annoyed it?Anyway, this guy just lost his mind ash drunk up playing bacchanal, frantically rolled up the snow on the ground, a Unit Yang to the sky, the snow came down it was about to go all the crazy blowing up stand up.His mouth also issued a “child — woo, woo children —” strange sounds, like Journey to the West inside the strange yellow wind, windblown sand walk through the snow turned mountains Liangliang Yue Shangougou, full of “alcohol” aggressive sprinkled with wild and rushed into the woods.See the woods even wanted to show its power and prestige of dead leaves is gone, it will come out from behind the wind whip, “hiss children – cries of children” unthinking beat up, just listen to the dry twigs twigs “Gaba, Gaba “was abruptly knocked down.It looked up and saw a few magpie nest on the branches, and breathing heavily clinging to the tree trunk shaking it up, watch that magpie nest about to be shaking down, probably afraid of it delayed their way, it also knows magpie some are shivering in bed, gloating a strange smile and turned away, the tree still kept shaking his head, on the ground that it left a piece of scaly strange footprints.    It looked up to the surrounded, and see the road in the distance walked a donkey cart, it shrieking rushed past.Coachman grandfather probably Sixteenth Quban woman and her husband go, probably would have been reluctant to go in this horrible weather, it may be unable to withstand the nagging wife was braving the wind stirred the snow on the road.As early as the old man see this vast expanse of gray guy banner whistle rushing, and quickly pumping large Heilv a whip like to escape it, or is it to live thrust.It won on the ground of snow to hit a donkey’s eyes, taking advantage of the donkey fans eyes again violently pushing it up, big name Heilv legs trembled involuntarily a reel kneeling in the snow, old man hurriedly jumped out of the car shouted Xiaoping, a large Heilv struggled to his feet, he turned and pulled the car down the origin Xiaoping flew up, the old man behind how the call will not work, “thump, thump” only House can be dragged feet felt chasing donkey cart pulled away, the wind stirred snow drifting to one sentence: “Fuck Bad weather.”This guy also entered the small village, it ‘children woo – woo children —‘ at the top of the kiln prowling, on top of the kiln firewood oat straw flax blow all to fly down, then jumping over low stone walls, “crashed” also brought down a few did not put a stone stable.That it would not let go, “pop” sound, shoving the owner of a laundry tub pulled from the windowsill to the ground, it “clatter, clatter” in the yard playing chicken bowl for a while, went from house to house to banging doors and went.    People Loess Plateau mountains is life after life in such an environment, like it or not also experiencing beyond the Great Wall of Wind Stirring Snow.Mountain may hone their character, you see them walking posture is bent, they are the backbone of a tough one born.

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