Be who love music and understand music

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REVIEW Gradually I was not scared music lessons, and when the examination is also less of the former Huangkong.Every morning rush piano when you can be calm, and that their requirements are also a lot of loose.  Barriers to dream that one day, to be a people who love music and understand music, so music across language and thought.  Ten years ago, a week to complete the task of playing two tunes, each semester if there is a song to pass the examination, the examination will be Qin law failed, piano method failed, regardless of music theory, music lessons will hang red.A course hanging red lights, not only will lose the scholarship, but not graduate.Face stern teacher assessment, not a serious negotiation, because piano is not enough, every day the students will go to a free piano musical chairs.Saturday met seven weeks, four or five o’clock in the morning the queue was waiting in front of the iron gate outside the piano room, waiting for the key to open the door Yan old man tube.Our bedroom in the piano room next door, the door bang open a file, it begins with the crack in the wall coming out of the wind whining wah-wah piano.  Music teacher surnamed Hou, handsome dwarf, is recognized as the teaching authority of the school, playing a good hand piano.A “dedicated to Alice” Let us great joy, which led to his girlfriend often refused to leave, go hand in hand.Since most of the students are from rural areas, the lack of systematic basic training from an early age, never even seen a piano.Musical notation, sheet music, vocal music, instrumental music battle together, everything from scratch, but why teacher candidates has been particularly serious, unstable rhythm, pronunciation, fingering wrong, become the highest frequency vocabulary every class.Face leisurely Division elective art students, school music students sometimes breathless, melodious notes, suddenly becomes boring, music lessons become a burden to many students have to face.  I remember when my main problems is rhythm instability, a week to be skilled to play two songs, one by one teacher every weekend afternoon waiting assessment.Because learning stave soon, tadpole-like face crooked notes, often unconsciously, a frame by frame to count, then simply mark notation in the notes below, but this is never permitted teacher.A period of time, then more and more tired every day fantasy turn Division.A weekend, but also the exam, my usual panic in front of the class finished two songs by.Hou teacher suddenly said, there are a few notes you play wrong, and rhythm instability, to re-play a few bars.My scores are usually secretly marked with the notation, song bullet cooked naturally remember, where then carefully read the original score.Wrong turn did not turn to look at sheet music, but to the number of grid.Hou reminder was anxious, I had to turn on the scores of the stand, according to the notation of a bomb, or wrong, the teacher came over to see the mark cipher code, look out of joint face, immediately let the two song failed.Failed, it means the end of the make-up, which is under a serious problem.No matter how soft wrapped around the hard grind, he is not promoted.  It is impossible, but to find a way home.At that time, Columbia had to work, and he looked at me dejected look straight laugh, sold off the child for a long time suddenly said: “gifts of it!”.What to send it?Then teachers’ salaries are not high, just that he had a friend working at the plant rabbit, discuss to discuss, and finally decided to raise rabbits teacher.So take advantage of the lunch break at noon, I will mention a rabbit slipped into the school, the way the heartbeat faster than rabbits, for fear of people found.Climate and other sneaky teacher went hostels, Qiaokai Men, he saw me carrying a rabbit, the rabbit also scared than panic.”What are you doing?”I have put life and death to go, saying that the school has provided for the firm can not accept student teachers gift.So two people pushing and bustling at the door to go straight red eyes scared the rabbit, whistling breath.Look at it is not, I said: “You see now I finally put the rabbit in, and if a chance to go out, it is easy to see, when to say ah worse.”Hou like a long time, too, he nodded, put the rabbit took, into the back room.After accept rabbits, from teacher to me a lot of pleasant, two songs that did not matter after all reinstituted.Also, when eating rabbit meat, he also specifically told me to take his girlfriend to find lunch boxes, but also when the box inside filled with rabbit meat.  Gradually, I am no longer afraid to music lessons, and when the examination is also less of the former Huangkong.Every morning rush piano when you can be calm, and that their requirements are also a lot of loose.Still later, the teacher candidates admitted to Beijing a university graduate studies went.Later, I graduated to participate in the work of the.When learning is no longer a burden, love for music but instead a strong.Love is one thing, however, is quite another to understand.  Love music, the music may never know just a dream.Is the Year of the Rabbit, this night, listening to the water-like sounds, think of former music teacher, then think of the rabbit for my sacrifice, can not help but touch of sadness.

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