Autumn ah!autumn rain

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Like the rain, so the sky from Zhengzhou since memory is not like a year from early autumn to late autumn, the rain continued, and even attached ten days are kept raining, Zhengzhou climatic changes like the weather in the south, wet cleaning, is really too fond of.   Most memorable is from early autumn to late autumn last year has been no rain, late autumn season dump heavy snow, the winter snow to make it float, a winter without snow.   Last fall, ah, look at the trees in the yard, so I’m so thirsty look sad, leafless impatience, fatigue trunk of the tree loses moisture to want to own split.Watering workers busy all day long, a large area of dry ah.Watching the palm trees, I was sad it.They settled from the south in front of my house, looking wrinkly face up against them, tears it, I know they need water, no rain season, why God punish these children do trees.Nature is out of balance, that when it rains, no rain, should it rains, it is heavy rain, many cities can see the sea.   This year’s fall is really really wonderful, autumn ah, you always every now and then, I moisten the palm trees, wet everywhere, Yan Yun the entire space, camphor happy with a touch of incense in the yard flaunt.   15 years old Eileen Chang wrote a “Autumn”, a different mood perception is different, her writing showed that melancholy affair.   I feel now is poetic rain ah, rain down grass, the endless rustle.Like light music, full of intoxicated students.Quietly before leaning out of windows, broken petals rain, wind child blowing rain hanging eye edge.Listen to the rain poem, micro-hazy rain, green leaves sigh rain, wet dye-order situation.Quiet mountains, smell the heavy rain drunk soul.Feelings run enchanted, pet rain Gone with the Wind Jade Pool.   Open Eileen Chang wrote, “autumn”, began to read, had a happy mood infected, poetic rain disappeared.Some people have described Eileen Chang said: “It’s, like demons, cemeteries, nightmares, a whirlpool, a charming garden of poppies, attracted me, breathless, crazy, near collapse.”At the moment, I am very well, I am not fit to read this kind of work, drill into the bottom of my heart, sad mood the whole jump out.If you injury, Zhang Ailing’s works she can help you find a more appropriate way to vent.If you’re happy time do not read her work, or let you follow her pain, back are unable to get out.   Text: rain, like silver sticky wet silk, woven into a soft mesh, mesh lived throughout the autumn world.Day is dark and lifeless, like the old house in strapped to the roof of spider silk screen.Pile of gray clouds in the sky, like the roof peeling white powder.In the shadow of this old roof, everything is unusual boring.Green shade garden shade of pomegranate, mulberry, grape vines, representing nothing but prosperity over the past summer, has now become the remains of Roman architecture, like in the huddle restless rustling rain, the memories of the glorious past.Grass has been transferred melancholy greenish yellow, the underground will not find fresh flowers; delicate daffodils dormitory wall along the species, hanging his head, with her eyes full of tears, where their wretched sigh, only two days Harumi good old days of rain encountered so intoxicated of Mei Qi.Only a corner of the sweet-scented osmanthus, the branches have been trimmed with gold as the precious few buds, carefully hidden under the green oval leaflets, revealing little hope of new life sprouting.   Rain quiet down, and only a little thin sound of pattering Lek.Orange house, dressed in brightly colored robes like a monk, co-head bow, is being affected by the end of the baptism of rain.It damp red brick, issued at bay leaf green wall color and pungent pig’s blood becomes sharp contrast.Gray toad, wet rotten moldy mud jumping; in autumn dull net bottom, only it is the only full of angry pleasant things.Mottled pattern on its back sallow, dull sky with distant accordingly, resulting in harmonious colors.It Putongputong jumping from grass nest, jump mud, spilled dark green spray.   Rain, like silver moisten sticky spider silk, woven into a soft mesh, mesh lived throughout the autumn world.   Rainy, rainy day which is not a gloomy yet.Her writings preached that feeling.I am confused with free his mind.Guiding role of literature is very important, it led you Qingsi, so you dormant In an intolerable scenario.15 years of age, ah, short text, describe a tender heart is suffering from the pain of others unknown.Why is she carrying such a heavy thoughts, full of silent and sparse.This autumn is like her tears.Can not imagine, I can not understand.   I was leaning out of windows and look, lingering autumn Oh, you still every now and then into the late autumn.You can say goodbye, we have entered the winter, I hope you once again turned into patches of snow when floated, still favored in our sky.

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