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Antique shopping cash-strapped me to the dissipation of the cafes, bars, game rooms and other places of entertainment always shied away from prohibitive.These people live in dreams decadent place, we not like ours where civilians can 潇洒走一回.Where the consumption of expensive goods and people whom tip the scales.We only feel powerless and frustrated envy.Since it could not eat grapes, why should it bother self-humiliation!I think of them as a scourge shun. Although the antiques market is also a place of high consumption.But it is a strong cultural atmosphere, tasteful place.Even if there is no desire to buy, but as a tourist to visit to enjoy, to satisfy my vanity is nothing wrong with it? To put it plainly, it is the main driver of a sense of curiosity and interest due.Again Antique away from my house just a few steps away.So I became a frequent visitor there.Whenever nothing else, I can not help but always went there to.When I walked through that front magnificent imitation of the Qing Dynasty plaque, into the dizzying array of Antique Showcase.It will be that thick atmosphere of the culture and history of infection.I can not help but slowed down even breathing becomes slightly a lot, for fear you wear this quiet dignified environment. Antique divided into three layers, jade, calligraphy and painting furniture carving ceramic products, such as sea Amoy forced to everything.Natural expensive, people like my meager pension of life can only be based on random to see it as a spectator.Antique recent years is also very depressed, promise a large area of thousands of square meters of high-rise, very few tourists deserted. Now is the time of the summer, I was busy working on a home run Wang Zheer.Here indeed is a good place for summer enjoy the cool air of spiritual cultivation.Recently I have come here almost every day patronize. Just arrived here, I really some fear and trepidation carefully.Always afraid because of their ignorance of the subject of a two-edged joke stir.I was most disturbed you as enthusiastic boss of his potential customers, you get to the bottom of the hot pursuit.I tend to make excessive enthusiasm quickly find a lost dog as an excuse to hurriedly flee.So whenever the boss approached me just as uncomfortable thorn in the side. And later the boss frankly speaking, I just look at it, there is no intention to buy.Gradually boss saw me as I turn a blind eye to any visit.Although I became a loner, but a lot of relaxed mood.This is good, I can take some little tongue have become more free space, you can stop and enjoy carefully and slowly discretion. Antique like a huge mysterious treasure, a history museum, mottled vicissitudes of history and atmosphere thick brilliant cultural heritage open treasure house of knowledge for you.So you learn a lot in the past does not come into contact with, so that you suddenly enlightened as sobering.A flowing stream of Chinese culture for thousands of years, its profound amazing all-inclusive.A strong visual impact makes you feel an upsurge of ups from. Various genres of painting landscapes flowers and birds, or magnificent majestic atmosphere, structured or colorful shades of white, delicate and full life-like figures depicting birds and flowers.Art is the same, although I do not understand the painting, but the painting masterpieces is highly appreciate the value of.Their style and brush are great characters.Painter has its own unique style of painting.Each painting have condensed the painter perception of life, awareness of life, their mood and state of profound superb artistic skills and vivid portrayal let you benefit.Look at the paintings not only the appreciation of the painting itself, but also to accept the masters of noble moral character and fame baptism of self-cultivation. Collection of paintings, especially the celebrity pictures has been a coveted thing envy.However, seeing a picture of the age – old and mottled brown and treasures indeed regrettable.Preservation and collection of paintings is a troubling thing.Even experienced collectors had no alternative.As the old treasures a picture blurred lines, mottled gray substrate so that it lost points.Few remedy. I once read a book, a collector of his paintings talk in his division grandfather, father when he was a small boy antique shop, often followed his grandfather division closed out draw.He is also the small business division grandfather opened a small door first, expect to sell paintings to feed their families.Weekly grandfather would take him to his father ghost division ShangXi draw close.Why call it a ghost city, since they are all opened before the night or before dawn, often they are in remote secluded place. Crafts antiques may be some unknown, or some Qing Yi Shao family is ruined, by selling paintings emergency and refused to make people laugh off the shelf, are not places of public trading.Are each stall in the dark with a small point light gas as the graveyard wildfire, very little light illumination.Silhouette Chao Chao everywhere filled with mystery and horror, timid people really afraid to go there.We also had to make a living trading in this environment.If you do not have eyes that are very vulnerable to fraud. That was his teacher grandfather fought here for many years, Laojiang Hu.Since the division grandfather too little capital, he can only receive some of the lower-priced goods with good old paintings.But his grandfather division there is a unique stunt.Old paintings through his hands will be a new look, Hull.He first division grandfather bought the ground floor of the old paintings carefully on the table, repeatedly rolled flat with a rolling pin, then burn with a high concentration of sorghum and other grain lead to the wine sprayed evenly lit.Then you will see a layer of blue flames dancing up and down on rice paper, then your heart will immediately mention the throats.Just the right level of attainment to be absolutely accurate, firing light can not reach the expected results, the weight will come to naught destroyed burned. His division grandfather figure out just right, like a leaden magic miraculously disappeared.Picture restored as ever, to revive the natural renewal.This homely old painting in the division after Grandpa’s hand can revive.Of course, the price immediately soared several times.If you get a celebrity to sell a masterpiece that is enough to buy a big house.Unfortunately, his grandfather division unique skills are forgotten. In addition to painting, calligraphy also dominate.Calligraphy depicting contains a profound knowledge and skills of calligraphy artists superb artistic attainments. That ink brush Fei snake dance Cursive, ink dripping at one go, vigorous and forceful uninhibited atmosphere upright.Juan delicate brush strokes that the United States and the vivid beauty of small characters to fill the gap, in between the lines of spiritual temperament Smart. Diao Phoenix colorful dish that is famous Chinese embroidery famous.Four different Chinese embroidery exercises, depicts the image of delicate sophistication of vivid realism in contrast stitch. Jade carving that is the pinnacle of Chinese art.Daogong exquisite carving master, the art of carving art to the peak of a breathtaking.Full of vivid characters portrayed animals meaningful, make you beautiful facial lovely beautiful. Large root carving art of momentum is compelling and engaging wins make you excited to stop and watch reluctant to leave. Later got to know, some bosses finally became friends, when no one patronize, we often chat.A sale of root carving crafts I struck up a conversation with the boss.He said he Bogut shelves stocked this four or five pieces of root carving works, thirty-eight years of his elaborate piece of work.He spoke, his youth interested in root carving art, spending his spare mountain mining roots.The trouble to climb the mountains, a radius of dozens of kilometers traveled almost all the mountains.Since that time do not feel tired enthusiastic Root.The roots will get a favorite excited to sleep late.Night also conceived.One of his works are permeated with the pain and joy.It’s all in the hands of the birth of his works, he put them as difficult to give up their children.He talked about the origins of each piece of his source familiar.Pieces of works Ningzhu his imagination and inspiration, there are countless stories. I said, these root carving certainly give people a visual enjoyment.He corrected me saying, this is my Genyi.Genyi Root is a difference.Root is carved in roots, and then a second writing according to the shape of the roots.Artificial ingredients predominant.The roots of the prototype is to keep Genyi.Genyi the artist and appreciate the study and understanding of the roots to remove excess roots and branches, substantially retains its original shape Eco.Trimmed craftsmen of an oddly shaped surprising works will miraculously appear in front of you. Genyi works mainly as an “odd” word, because you understand the different insights into different bodies can imagine.Some people see it as the dawn of a rooster crow at dawn, it was seen as the blue sky Goshawk.You can open the wings of imagination to daydream to concept.More surprising is that you will come to different conclusions from different sides.Playing Genyi can broaden your rich imagination.Genyi make learning fun you deep insights. Now he is seventy-eight old, this decision reluctantly part to dispose of them.To see him reluctantly look, I can not help but say, this is read to for future generations to continue to save them the best.Said here, the old man sighed and shook his head.He was full of regret speaking, children and grandchildren are not interested in this.Their point of interest is the car phone.If I was a hundred years later, they will get in the way too these roots at home, I’m afraid I do not know to throw the early Zhao Waguo gone.I now have the ability to multiply quickly sell them, to find the owner know what love was for them to re-home security. Diversity and rich social life of the content of people’s minds become more complex more philistine, it seems to have lost its share of the true past. Although tough and single past life, people’s thinking is simple simple.Hobbies and interests far fewer demands on benefits.Returning to the True return naturally became the target of some people yearn for the pursuit of idyllic natural beauty. His helplessness and frustration I can understand.Interests and hobbies by training, need to have some cultural enrichment based on subtle penetration into the consciousness of Thought.In particular, as the highest level of carving calligraphy painting is art, you need to pour some blood and sweat, need to withstand the test of time and temper, the cold was not built in a day. Now let the country to promote non-left into the campus drama, it is to train children to pay attention to Chinese culture.Nutritional historical heritage for thousands of years the Chinese rich fertile soil of this piece, which is unparalleled in many Western countries.America was only 200 years of history.Now some people keeping an eye on the West only, like the West better than what we have advanced and successful, superior to us.In actual fact is the profound Chinese culture is the inexhaustible fertile soil. These art exhibits precipitation of the Chinese culture for thousands of years is the crystallization of the hard-working Chinese people’s wisdom, is left to the Quebec artistic treasure our future generations, so that every Chinese children proud and pride.Every textbook collection is an indefatigable, is a piece of the legendary life story of perception.It is recognized that familiar with it to understand it, you can enhance your mental qualities and moral qualities. Zang Ying Qi

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