Afford to lose youth

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Time inadvertently passed, opened the old notes, between the lines full of affectionate mood staggered.As if back that have experienced ups and downs, bumpy road to go, the old memories still, just a bit less melancholy, a bit busy, a little vicissitudes.    - Inscription life like a grand fireworks, beautiful but also fleeting.In this short scene where we can not afford to waste, to squander, I think maybe because of too beautiful things in the world can not last forever, so it appeared its precious.    Fireworks so, life is so, so young too.    As the saying goes people bring it up and put down, also won from the loser.But the person’s life just a few decades, too many things we can not give up, can not give up, because of this, how can we afford to lose?As we let our youth in the years of erosion and run counter to him, lopsided.Time is like a sharp sword, he superficial, but in the human body bears the indelible imprint.Looking back, junior high and high school you you any different?Your childhood with you, what is different now?Perhaps the difference varies, but it has a vastly different.    We love playing childhood, playful, love to cry, although looking for trouble again and again but we enjoy it, because then when we are no wheels to go along with the heart, never considered itself right and wrong things, we the starting point only because he was fun, it’s that simple.    We’ll childhood because a piece of rubber and quarreling, because a pencil and fierce arguments, because he also had to bite my military demarcation line on his arm..But that is our wayward nature, devoid not to go too fast, but a quarter of an hour we will be fine with people usually love to play games, if sad people will find ways to amuse ran her happy, and then we laughed together.Only many years later we know this simple fun and happiness can no longer be met in later days.    Now we are not tangled with their hair every day, just messy hair strands by hand, joked that his hand has been replaced by a comb.Morning wash every day, with a good daily necessities, I began to forget once and stores in the price shopping for a long time do not know the true and false rewarding day.In the four could not find the money can-eat face again.Suddenly very envious of that time lying in front of the school secretly buy things takeout for fear that they have been found teachers, perhaps because this life can no longer have this experience right!    In the afternoon, I woke up from the dense early summer, the sad alone seems to stop at the poles of a bird.Clock non-stop swing, once awkward start screen flashed many times, I started laughing, laughing, laughing eyes also moist.    In these 20 years of catechesis of life is, after all, or we set foot on the opposite train, accompanied by confusion, panic, joy, pain, roared sped past, my friends have their own things to be busy, but once a year the party has become the hearts of each of us to look forward to.Today, more and more glorious city, and once belongs to us simply no way to find happiness.    I gently pounding the keyboard, and a finishing with a photograph also reveals that time, I do not know if I was to live up to the youth, can only pale narrative of my feelings at the moment, pattering rain outside the window next stop, patchy memories tumbling and began to erode my life in the humid air, I knew that was my sadness and love, that I do not want to gamble, afford to lose more youthful afford to lose.    Youth always fade away so fast, people caught off guard, and we do not afford to lose this youth, so before more regret not coming, let us as before, the road holding a sincere, let him wind and rain hit.

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