[Bowl spring song prose] Qiushi Talk

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Chunhua Qiushi long wanted to write a small text, this rogue weather is too hot, very hot, but quiet.Although the beginning of autumn has passed, but did not have the coolness of autumn, “autumn tiger” is still sadistic, hot weather people get out of breath, a small town where the author of “hot” is said to be 53-year return, people hiding in the mountains and hid in the water, in the air conditioning to avoid the still hot solution can not be intolerable.The hotter the Chinese Olympic team gold medal in Rio, it was felt drama said, there are “two projects can not win,” Guoping “who can not win us”; Orangemen “None of us can not win.”.”Primitive Girl” after the game became a net red, the media have concerns, hotter than gold medals.Was the “power” were ranked, since ancient times, the original primitive force of the largest not only had the hit TV series “spend one thousand bone” repeatedly describe it.”Prehistoric power” widely circulated, and now face the positive energy are often quoted, and our children, teenagers often play electronic games, which also lists that force force, force has also increased the scope of.However, the Chinese women’s volleyball gold medal, this is undoubtedly the sweltering dog days of summer, most of the hot events, is huge fruit this fall we get.    The face of difficulties, do not give up, unity and hard work, courage, spirit of heritage is undoubtedly the women’s volleyball, women’s volleyball team spirit has already gone beyond the original scope of her life and life to take root in our hearts, thirty years, society has undergone a lot of changes but the same is our feelings for women’s volleyball, women’s volleyball Lang Ping and deserve our respect and love, because the spirit of the new era may need more women’s volleyball.The nature “Chunhua Qiushi”, “leaves Zhiqiu”, “Qiuchan sound” really come autumn season.Fall of mature crops are corn, sorghum, rice, millet, red beans, green beans, pepper and so on; hot autumn fruits are watermelon, grapefruit, dates, mango, chestnut, oranges, oranges, sugar cane, melons, sweet potatoes, peanuts, grapes, pears, apples, persimmons, pomegranate; autumn vegetables cabbage, yams, taro, potatoes, sweet potatoes, eggplant, cauliflower, lotus root, carrots and pepper; autumn river water as well as the United States Xie Fei fish, shrimp and frogs swim; there are autumn flowers everywhere: sweet-scented osmanthus, chrysanthemum, rose, etc., there is a poem: “八月桂花香, September yellow chrysanthemum”.Autumn is the harvest season, I do not expect farm fields and vegetable gardens, orchards, only knew his father countryside scenery small farm house, known the joy of harvest.Red pepper, walnuts, green, yellow okra, watermelon, pumpkin cooked, chrysanthemums open.The backyard of the office I work in the city, a shade outside the window, off the plum, persimmon red, scilloides long, walnut bending the branches, once the earth’s arable land due to the busy work, desolate out of the weeds, leaves Zhiqiu, autumn scenery full multimedia extravaganza.After catch young age, Jinjinzhangzhang, seen bustling and lonely, had a passion and struggle, and now tends to calm the mind calm, life maybe to the autumn harvest, my parents pray for health and longevity, brothers and sisters have cause into child growth and success, peace and happiness; I pray that my unit had a better vision; I pray that my friends have a harvest.Throughout the year, seasons, Chunhua Qiushi, fruits of the earth, there is no winter sleep support, how can spring germination; no summer growth, how the fruits of autumn.It is like life, there is no thick plot adolescents, young adults how thin hair, but not middle-aged harvest.

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