Read your afternoon in early autumn

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Shaoxing trip to Mirror Lake Wetland Park Essay / romantic trip to read your mind, in early autumn afternoon, it is because you are egrets paradise, but also the poetry garden, is not it?Even the great writer Guo regarded egret is defined as a sophisticated prose poem: “That white hair Mino, streamlined structure that body, that iron-colored long peck, that blue feet, by one-half by the too long, minus one points too short, one of the prime suddenly too white, one black Dai suddenly it too, “who can say that this is not a strange and beautiful poem exquisitely carved it?And Mr. Bai Lu Wenlong eyes is amazing: Hidee Dicui fragrant in the dew, loving egret v. Zhongchang.Wushan clouds and rain situation and waves were really good time owned drunk sleep.From Guolao form of poetry to poetic love of Mr. Long, egrets bring people how many wonderful and unpredictable associations, bringing the number of romantic reverie, bringing the number of pleasing vision of poetry as Mirror Lake wetland park, how you do not read!    Read you, is a early autumn afternoon, in spite of the hot summer season already across, Shaoxing can not clear the sky was clear, there is no gold winds over the cool, still sweltering sun baked the earth, deep heat wave still shrouded in ancient city.You, just like a Sleeping Beauty slim and graceful, indulge in the midnight quiet, no raving dream, do not indulge snoring, only sweet smile like waves on the cheek as Chunquan.Gently set foot wooden trestle, not, precisely, the way it should be wood stack?How the bridge will not before the head, not the tail after it?Ye Hao bridge, road worth mentioning, is not important in my mind, it is important to see the egret Tianzi poetic beauty, poetic love charm.Is it not the time I came?Embedded in the green dressing in water, clear as if one surface mirror bending the curve, an immaculate deemed jade, natural lakes exudes unique aroma.Just on the water and open boundless silence, people felt something was lacking.What was lacking it?Is not it egret?I followed all the way east lingering trestle, on the lake in addition to the sun thrown little ripple in the afternoon, and nothing else.Perhaps egrets are afraid of sun exposure, hiding in the jungle lunch break it, Mr. Long good shot of a couple, not that it caught shots in the woods?I turned to go back to shore Meishan asked heron, head flowing out of a pair of real wedding photo shoot of his wife, the woman dressed in a white dress, the man dressed in a white suit, green water in them , on mountains, blue sky, white clouds makes up the natural territory, sometimes fly together on the wooden bridge, sometimes mandarin ducks on a wooden bridge, sometimes lingering kiss on the wooden bridge.This is not what I’m looking for it egrets?Look scenes without the director’s true feelings, and Mr. Long shot egret is really perfect, perfect match oh!I stared nestling in the parapet, staring greedily song written in Mirror Lake Wetland beautiful love poems, suddenly feeling a kind of refined ulterior motives, is the ah, the most natural, the most innocent, the most romantic love is not love ya own qualities, but the influence of great beauty Teana infection situation is not self-suppression, so to say, dubbed Mirror Lake wetland Park is the name of a little love, but points!    Meishan straight down the pier, quiet, still the most obvious characteristics of wetlands, it can not be static?Son and daughter took me to the garden chasing each other had leapt to the top, open valley in addition to my sweat climb, visitors no longer have a second.In fact, the poem should be so quiet garden to enjoy, to read of, any thoughts ride a mountain wings free to fly.Wet stone steps down from the foot of the mountain circled, like a silver waterfall upside down in a green barrier.Lush mountain vegetation, lush, deep and shallow green highlights the variety of species, but also reveals the strong vitality.While I climb up, while careful to scrutinize whether found in the north of the Yangtze River Delta species, yet really hoped that vigorous tall and straight pine, is to marry up from Jiangbei “bride”!Pines appears, and click on the My egret feelings, Mr. Wenlong is found in this pine forest love Masterpiece.I stopped on the stone steps, waiting for a miracle.An hour later, still no sign of egrets, and I would like an hour, can Xin Er has been very summit of the South Pavilion in Meishan appropriate call me.I had to eat wistfully expect to move on.At this time, two dancing white butterfly flew in front of me, I closely watched these two elf, while they look for wildflowers and searching, while pay to pay in the tender vine crowded crowded, while in blue sky smell, if not mistaken, this little angel is inseparable incarnation of the Butterfly Lovers.No shadow butterfly out of my field of vision, a pair of unnamed children are birds in the trees “twitter” to jumping about, playing amused, I can not help but wonder, why little life Mirror Lake wetlands are pairs, lovingly it?Quiet and away from the secular nature vigorous plump and moist, but also gave birth to all things pink and leaves, drawing near the world of band you?    You read in the early autumn afternoon, and related egrets, and poetry-related, with love, even though you did not indulge in the quiet midnight wake up, even though you did not know a traveler about to leave for the North religiously read you before leaving, but you – Mirror Lake wetlands romantic, I have become my gift of God unless Shaoxing a heavy gift!

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