Green tea shallow, lightly fragrant

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Now, on my desk, being on hand and have a cup of green tea soaked in quietly exudes the fragrance.And my fingers Xi Zheng hectic tapping the keyboard, emit crackling sound, listen to others usually issue such a sound is called noise, then listening to their Gunong but rather a melody, still feel quite wonderful.You may have romantic thoughts of beauty, listen to what, spade, have become a musical.Let us also put aside the thousand strands of worry, feeling as green tea Ming Gu Yu, the time, my world, cool one. In the poetic: Plum months to write poetry, tea fried spring Guyu.A Guyu tea, hot spring and things to do.Guyu tea tea hi people naturally know, clear spring tea Guyu season, suitable temperature, shoots stout, dark green color, it leaves soft, fresh flavor of the time, that smell can make tea, tea know, like tea people who love tea, mouth water.Whether it called flag gun Guyu tea; or call Buxus Guyu tea; now only in my hectic fingers, the greedy self. Fresh brew a pot of tea, accompanied by melodious music, tapping the keyboard, to express a certain emotion, writing some of the people and things, pretty comfortable.Tea crystal clear, Hong Yuan Yi-ching, of its products, taste its flavor, its sense of rhyme, Qingsi do to make endless diarrhea in percussion fill the gap in this.A table, a chair, a window, a person, listening to music, looking at the screen, time like water droplets on a leaf falling quietly Dangqi beautiful ripples across the sea in the heart of condensation. The past few days, the weather was very warm, perhaps opened the eyes of God, came to realize its mistakes, they eagerly extend a warm arm, it will be forgotten this city in my arms.Afternoon, bathed in the warmth of the sun, invite friends to talk about something, I do not want to go to a noisy place, so went to the restaurant, where there is a beautiful light music, classic Butterfly Lovers, ears and no share of numerous din, suddenly seems isolated, and no one in the noisy sound of when to listen to the thumping heartbeat.Lu Shi Xiu poet poem reads “Pan Flower invited passenger seat, on behalf of the drink lead Qingsu.Chuan Fang porcelain quiet night, the air full of busy Xuan words “tea has always been invited Esteemed friends necessities, thirty-two friends, brew a few cups of Bik, sit quiet leisurely Shushe, humanistic perception accident between heaven and earth, to taste the drink slowly great sport ah! Particularly quiet night, the smiling quietly, and the bitter taste of tranquil music as a symbol of lingering, lingering tangled in my heart.Fantasy soar at your fingertips, in the scent of ink in precipitation, quiet moon, weak as water, brew a cup of tea, soak the quiet and indifferent, curling released into the atmosphere in the unique aroma in.Can not describe the scent of ink goes dipped at this time Feng Jian language used in the faint light brightly under what kind of elegance.Siyu is blowing, how many romantic smoke, the deep heart flowers, such as orchids bloom in the Valley, as subtle evening primrose, celadon bowl of narcissus flowers under the moonlight aria. Text dip, similar to the mind, feelings and elegant, in this quiet night, let loose tea bubbling poetic feelings, stroking heart.Crazy dream, heart, such as drunk, falling three thousand, No leaf Zhanshen.DiamondMax as bright flash of emotion gorgeous colorful peach cheek flour, floating in the elegant atmosphere, drinking and singing heroic Yunjuanyunshu. Contaminated lonely heart Park, depression, Toru empty, misty, locking tenderness of heart, hear wind chimes flowers.Free, casual, revel, any sky was clear, freshness is a relaxed and happy, the harvest is the soul of tea.

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