News that Baidu had launched an internal CDR to organize a return next month, the fastest shares

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The last two days, Baidu caught in the "Lu Qi departure," the vortex of public opinion, the Mercury retrograde really ah。But then, the other hand, the capital market there is other news that Baidu will be in the form of CDR in the domestic market, the fastest return of A shares next month。  The eight sister also find Baidu related to children's shoes to inquire about it, and indeed Baidu relevant financial departments have begun preparatory work related to the CDR, and at the same time, Baidu's affiliated companies in particular holding company such as love Fantastic Art, are carried out with the internal domestic Baidu job market。  In addition, eight sister understand, the next month will focus on a number of Internet companies to CDR in the form of the domestic market。There are children's shoes, he said the current process point of view, millet is likely to be the first company listed in Hong Kong, while CDR in the form of a share listed companies。In addition, Jingdong, Baidu and Alibaba are also possible in the next month, becoming the first return of A shares of technology companies in the United States。  It is worth noting that the day before yesterday, China issued the settlement, "depositary receipts Registration and Settlement Rules (Draft for Public Comment)" (hereinafter referred to as "Rules"), the securities registration CDR involved, custody, settlement and other specific business to give a clear specification。Which clearly, investors in the subscription and trading of depositary receipts should be used A-share securities accounts; Chinese settlement temporarily handle the pledge registration services Depositary Receipts。  May 4, the CSRC issued the "Administrative Measures for the TDR Issue" comments; May 11, with the Commission for the innovative pilot enterprises to issue shares or depository receipts, revised the "securities issuance and underwriting management approach" some provisions。  CDR since May of supporting policies have been released, indicating that the official arrival CDR has been getting closer。  Anyway, for now, CDR is good news for Baidu, then this would dilute the pessimistic questioned Lu Qi leaving do?Baidu shares posting gains in the country will do?Wait and see。  Further reading learned from informed sources, Baidu is expected in June this year, the fastest in a CDR (China Depositary Receipts) mode, the first return of A-share stock market。  Baidu person close to the media confirming this news。This means that Baidu may become the first pilot company only issued CDR。  It is reported that Chinese brokerage, as an important supporting rules, 21, Chinese settlement on the "Depositary Receipts Registration and Settlement Rules (Draft for Public Comment)" for public comment。For comments and suggestions, on or before June 1 is fed back to Chinese settlement。Before issuance and transaction management approach, feedback deadline for issuance and underwriting management approach draft were June 3 and June 10。Reporters had learned that there is the intention of issuing CDR companies need to wait for all the rules to apply for release after Qi, it is understood that this progress is accelerating, the fastest month is expected to see the first company to apply for listing of the CDR。(Source: Daily News) (original title: Baidu broke the news that the internal CDR has started to prepare a) (Editor: DF142)

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