June lies off

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After the rain, goats grazing in the wilderness, green lay lined up。My window, birds singing is not sweet, crisp and a trace of rain before the night solitude。    Time faint, June oblique Hui in memory of a hot sun, went to but it is a quiet night。You say, tomorrow is good weather, Dawn like a child jumped from treetop to me through。I said, we can not know it's a lie。    Lights, planted in the land, the warm light toward cold tree。I put the shadow of the tree in my hands, cold as snow covered my sleeves。You know, solemn sorrow climbed up my mind when, hidden in the mortal world of old things will eventually wipe dust。As a result, people may be beside the tree, it can be at the foot of grass leaf。    June heat followed in May hoping to come。Dream very far, very close to life。You say, air summer due to hot and muddy, eager to field a persistent rain。In the afternoon thunder sounded, swaying dim shrouded distant birch。    Intermittent rain, with the sonorous song cadence of the strings, then halted。I laughed and said, we can have a cool summer the。Who will I expose my lies?The sun is too naive, we can not identify an excuse mountain heavy water complex。There are still strong sunshine after the rain, the sun absent cloudy but more hot, really have a cool summer shade of a tree growing on the water's edge is not yet blooming lily。    The morning dew stained my shoes when I walk on the grass。I Fangsan Sheng Stone reveals that the grass dew color, whether III karma suddenly broke grow on this side of Whitehead's a dream?    I think that laughter Shaotou bloom in waves, and they wrote the ends of the earth are we will never forget the words。Years ago the lodge brew good tea, boiling water deal with the years, has finally become dull。I could not bear to abandon it until the overflow cup mold told me that it was just a lie。    That belongs only to me the trees, but also whether a bird habitat?Each morning I rustle of footsteps flush it, the whole time after my departure is entirely within its。I am eager to work with it a chance encounter in the dawn light rain, then tweet it at me a few times, he turned to fly, leaving me with that party Whitehead。    Quartzite gap in Youcao deep, there is no trace of pedestrians。The world is passing through it, leaving me in a profound solitude。You say, no one will pass by your window inexplicable, smile every day and meet you in the golden dawn。It turned out that my wishful thinking is not over the hill in the sea, but the sea side of the mountain。That self-woven lies will eventually be ruthlessly expose themselves in a Bailu Not Xi's early in the morning, then increasingly understand: love, never had lived in the fantasy。    You boating comes from the rain in June, and from the dawn of the dawn and go boating。Shore, Nowata no, from a horizontal boat。Sansei stone I do dream, but also mixing in Hanjiang river's placid yet?    June fracture lies, the truth may have been cast into July of love?

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