I half warm comfort, total love of your life

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Northland night, Xue Wu Chill situation honestly, if the sky Jian, the pen with ink Faerie; slow music, casual warmth thick tea, tea-like boat, waves of soft hearts。  Light foot on the floor, a warm dip; reach out and touch the wall, transfection refers to a micro heat。This warm, you give; it contented, warm to the。Our meeting was a shallow blooming flowers, calm simple scattered incense in the Red terraced rice paddies。I wander in to your warm, the greedy dismay。Like a baby child, sucking milk; if a prisoner, breathing the natural air。So, my eyes looking far, the spread of a pool of thoughts; then, tune out my heart, filled with foolish thoughts will burn。  Do not want a person from the old to the Red, docked in total have taken wait ends of the earth。I never thought, my world will come to you; never thought, my heart will be warm。Not plead, cry revive heart numbness binaural Buddha; not luxury, sad soul shake Fixed eyes falls Buddha。Where is the love, looking for a bumpy half of the staggering pace; where warm, waiting for the heart WWF report from the War of the half。How many times, pillow letter took vanishing morning face; how many times the word heart burning incense lonely night。When the wind blows, the only laugh that path falling; to pick up, buried; when cold, the lone enjoy dressed in freezing cold, hold on, shallow possession。I hope you come, bring a warm, rising my life; you come with a warm, melt half of my bleak。Happy thought far from me, but he was just a turn you hugged。You love hot, if the wind lock open my heart, I am a cloves, half the aroma of silence, finally blossom in the warmth……  Who thin cold world without warm?Who is not caught up in the social net?Blade commitment, the truth of the context of the spread of the slightest warmth; hope petals, beloved Xinrui exudes a thick aroma。Our love is bridges, gurgling, quiet, no rivers like vitality, nor is it dead quiet lake。Perhaps, quietly, it is the interpretation of the most beautiful feelings; our love is Danyun blue sky, rain, gentle, not like bright pink clouds, nor is the heavy black clouds。Perhaps, the dough, is the most concentrated distillation of feelings。Does anyone deny, quiet, not a warm?Who disregard, soft, not a warm?You give me a warm, crawling up my brow cheek; you give me a warm, into my bones soul。When you think, I hear the sigh of the wind; when you read, see my haggard cloud。A tie clear words are not the book I situation honestly, and three thousand different hair dance my heart yo!I half warm comfort, total love of your life……This warm, fun with color my mood; it warm, my life's hope of salvation……  Red fireworks, I think I must have been left behind a red bean。So, in the spring of Acacia desolate。At the corner of life, that loss of Acacia re-return, you give me a warm heart, enough, enough to make Fengyun red beans take root, sprout, bloom in the Red terraced rice paddies Acacia, Acacia feeling overwhelmed heart of the sea……Always worried one day you can not hear my call, so I will be in my heart many times you meditate; always worried that one day I could not find you, so I used to love on you print everlasting mark。I was a sea of leaf boat, precarious, vertical wading thousands, also can not see a landscape。Sailing dies, Reeds gray, I can not find berthing in Hong Kong。Think about it, you come to me pervariabilis, I have a goal in life voyage; think, you stay with me the moon, my life will have to rely on the warmth of。See or not see, love is there; read or do not read, love is out there。The latter half of the warm, pale make up for missing the first half of love。  Look at me, okay?I am in your heart is open flower……Brief Encounter in life there are always, in life there is always hope hopeless。Who's who locked eyes figure?Who's who in the warm heart storage?Earlier life, who's a hint tearful heart quiver; later life, who smile rippling heart of a soft spring water……Corner, half; half corner。Edge, the conclusion of the rest of his life in love; love, planted the rest of his life warm; warm, cool make up the first half of。Who said, life stubbornly persists silently love?Who is the next life early encounter without isolation?Red, ah, it's a few people helpless sigh; fleeting, ah, it's a few people gave thanks!  In this way, it is so quiet dependencies; this way, so quietly go hand in hand。Boil half a bleak, open brew coffee thoughts, life warm light stir, taste this eternal truth……Lips, sweet; heart, warm……Warm……As a result, rain comes, then, the time's silhouette, with my background smiling。  Good house warm, good warm, I am barefoot in soft eddies in the middle of the night……Snowflakes outside the window jealous of my beauty, I envy the warmth, I open the window a little seam, snowflake kiss my fingertips, melted into a drop of water。Innocent, like my first tears; the United States and the United States, if I warm heart……  Through this dripping, I saw you smile the way, I heard you say walked me to the end of life……Life warm; I said, I will give you the same feeling of your life, warm life……  So I kissed the snow drop, fall asleep……    This article 2012 at 16:46 on December 27 starting at QQ space

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