Tillerson Trump fired on the fingertips to shake the world Korean media: DPRK strategy or change

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  [World Wide Web Roundup] a tweet fired by President of the United States Secretary of State Tillerson work, on the 13th local time later confirmed it had received a telephone Trump, will officially leave March 31。
Months of disagreement between the President and the now 65-year-old former ExxonMobil CEO has finally come to an end, and Trump highest level of government reshuffle action has entered a more intense phase。
14, the global media giant felt shaking caused by Trump fingertips。
For Tillerson's departure, the SPD politician said Lauterbach, Trump camp did not last a fireman, a trade war could erupt at any time。 For the arrival of the new Secretary of State Pompeo's hawks, the Heritage Foundation expert Klingner said, which means the US government in the addition of a proposition for North Korea launched preventive war voices。
Some analysts pointed out that as Pompeo US Assistant priority will be more to follow the instructions of the President, the first estimate of the future still need time to understand American foreign dynamic from the tweet Trump。   After Trump announced on the 13th to replace Secretary of State, the dollar index fell after the Dow fell 200 points。 At the same time market participants the opportunity to predict oil prices could get a boost because the new secretary of state Pompeo US withdrawal from Iraq could push the nuclear deal in May, and possibly advocates for tougher sanctions against Venezuela。 British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) said during Pompeo served as CIA director, has set up a new institution dedicated to conduct covert operations against the Iranian Revolutionary Guard leaders。   Trump currently undoubtedly lead to huge shake the fingertips of the world, Japan's TBS television on the 14th, said Trump waves caused by lightning replace Secretary of State impact on the world。 Such a dramatic change, indicating deep divisions between the White House and the State Department, US foreign policy in the future due to rule out further tough Tillerson。   CIA long Pompeo replace Tillerson, or there is a change of strategy toward South Korea, "Central Daily News" 14 commented that: Tillerson Trump is typical of the government has been advocated dialogue with the North Korean people, so by the White House hardliners exclusion。 Today, continuing the long and sanctions against the DPRK pressure situation finally into dialogue situation, while dialogue faction in the US government has suddenly been replaced, the situation is very delicate。
It is learned that South Korean special envoy to the DPRK mission to the United States introduced March 5 meeting with the DPRK Kim Jong-un's results, Tillerson also been completely excluded。
Therefore, some analysts believe that this indicates that although Trump agreed with North Korea summit talks, but North Korea may want to show a very strong stance。   Japan's "Asahi Shimbun" that Trump in preparation for when the historic US-DPRK talks, replaced the head of the diplomatic Tillerson, the purpose is to carry out the US-DPRK dialogue with hard-line stance at the same time, from diplomacy to trade aspects are fully equipped true to Trump's staff。
German "Sueddeutsche Zeitung" commented 14th, Tillerson is perhaps the worst ever US secretary of state, secretary of state but he failed career is still useful to correct the worst president in US history。
At least, Tillerson has been Iran nuclear deal alive, Turkey and the United States to prevent conflict, to maintain the correct instinct in dealing with North Korea to prevent escalation of the conflict。
Deutsche Welle on the 14th, said the White House is now less of a contradiction。
Successor is to follow the president's hard-liners, the US assistant priority。 Iran nuclear deal, Paris and other possible climate agreement will ultimately fail。
Or the Middle East will become more dangerous。 Cooperation with US allies will now be more difficult。

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