Menopausal problems?Try this several soup (1)

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  Many people will mention daunting, perhaps themselves have not experienced menopause, but the elders around him showing symptoms between menopause is indeed the voice of the people around her disgust, especially due to menopause around children or loved ones will have a great impact, improve menopausal symptoms than to be great, but before that first come to understand the next menopausal symptoms。  1, symptoms — palpitations, palpitation palpitations flustered crowd is a common disease, always feeling breathless, distraught and often will always feel what was going to happen, little by external stimuli affect point there will be a strong reaction。
  2, Symptom — hot flashes hot flashes produced mainly estrogen deficiency leads to vasoconstriction vasodilation anarchy movement, appeared thermal spread rapidly from the chest to the face and upper limbs, often sweating, mainly nocturnal symptoms。  3, symptoms — mental, neurological symptoms of this abnormal symptoms most obvious crowd emotional instability, irritability, depression, paranoia and often, lack of trust, more sensitive to external stimuli, will be restless, often sad for no reason。  4, the symptoms of fatigue and fatigue people often — This symptom occurs, always feeling tired, and did not do too much body movement but the capacity is much better than before, will feel tired, there will be severe osteoporosis。
  Today we recommend several nights network is particularly suited to drink soup, can ease the symptoms of menopause Oh!  1, Suanzaorentang three money mashed Semen, decoction, taken one hour before going to bed every night。
Semen can inhibit the central nervous system, we have a more constant sedation。
For upset caused by blood deficiency does not sleep or palpitations effect Anyou Liang。  2, sleep shamisen soup Suanzaoren three money, Radix, Polygala one each in money, water 500CC fry 50CC, at bedtime。
These three herbs are Anshen calming effect, mixed with a hypnotic effect。  3, longan meat, ginseng Chuandan all three money to two bowls of water to cook into a bowl, taking 30 minutes before going to bed。Up calming effect, especially for the virtual failure of insomnia effort, better effect。  4, soothe the nerves raw lily soup five money steamed, add an egg yolk to 200CC water, stir, add a little sugar, then boil water 50CC, stir, drink in an hour before bedtime。
Lily has a pure heart, tranquilizer, sedative effect, often drinking, can instant results。

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