The stories we have seen the block chain

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According to the laws of nature, each industry has its life cycle, and some industry longevity, so enduring, and some industries such as the meteor, fleeting。 Today fiery chain block so naturally, under a lot of hot money influx, the block chain has become the focus of most investors sought。
From the market point of view, the current block chain is still in its early stages of development, which is a lot of money invested is obviously inconsistent, and the current influx of funds associated with the direction of most of the block chain is not so close, there are experts believe Today most innovative belong to raise funds innovation, not technology innovation。
To reproduce the history of this scene, the previous market in China, we have seen。 Such a scenario has been staged again。 Block chain technology actually already exists, why it hot up in Recently, this has a lot to stir a bit of money, especially after the break Bitcoin million dollars, which is the underlying technology blocks chain also quickly became popular。 Flourishes dream moment to break through a lot of this is less rational investors fragile nerves, looking at those asking for the moon already earned pours several chiefs, waving banknotes, hoping I could have such a brilliant day。
Unfortunately, people tend to subconsciously noticed immediate glory, but they ignore the buried group of losers。
This phenomenon is suddenly pulled to the past among the people, the same scene many times China has already happened, but it seems that every time there will be cycle。
Crazy stock Chinese stock market have also experienced such a stage。
China's stock market is the beginning of the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets, officially began operations in December 1990, initially only a very small number of few stocks and listed on the Shanghai or Shenzhen stock are basically local shares。
However, due to lack of strategic considerations, it led to the expansion and the expansion of the capital stock of sync, especially in capital expansion, which is much faster than the stock expansion。
During the 1991-1996 mid, stock sales department expanded from dozens to nearly 3000, funds from the market more than 10 billion yuan to 300 billion, from the year listed companies increased to more than 20 400 today, However traded shares but only to 300 million shares。 This will lead to very unbalanced supply and demand of the stock market, of course, is a consequence of soaring share prices in the first two years the situation。
Skyrocketing stock, naturally usher in more people involved, more than China's stock market investors, the stock market is also a great amount of funds, but due to the less traded stocks, the stock market showing a significant shortage situation。
According to preliminary statistics, by the end of 1996 to 10 years, the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets registered in the register of shareholders of about 18 million, while the size of the outstanding shares in Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets over the same period about 300 million shares, average investors have only about 1700 shares of stock。
According to preliminary estimates, China's listed companies profit after tax per share in 1995 to less than dollars, flat down to benefit the most per capita is only $ 500, calculated in accordance with market capital of 200 yuan per capita, rate of return of equity investments without calculating various taxes only% in the case, this is equivalent to the current savings interest rates。 Because of frequent trading and investors in the stock market, the sum of their fees and transaction taxes are often paid more than the outstanding shares of after-tax profits and。

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