Prostate calcification diet taboo it?Dietary recommendations prostate calcification

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Diet for our body, not just to maintain the continuation of life, can make a big impact on the situation of the body, especially for patients in terms of a number of diseases, but also requires reasonable arrangements diet can help treat it, then , here to tell you about dietary guidance about prostate calcification bar。
Calcification matters contraindicated in patients with prostate (1) oct-eat (eg: seafood, particularly shrimp) spicy food, avoid alcohol (alcohol can lead to the recurrence of prostate disease), quit smoking; more water, urination, urine remains unobstructed to help prostatic secretions excluded; do not move to avoid a long, long time to pay attention to when driving a motor vehicle seat cooling, time and got out and drinking, urination; insist on proper physical exercise, improve blood circulation is conducive to local inflammation absorption; nutrient-rich diet, enhance immune function, enhance disease resistance。(2) eat less meat, meat products and acidic foods (such as: Dan Huang, cheese, dessert, tuna, halibut, etc.) eating too much can cause acidic, susceptible to many diseases。
(3) can not be overworked, can not stay up late, regular life, living there often, anti-cold, cold, overwork likely to lead to immune dysfunction, can lead to recurrent prostate disease。
Prostate calcification patients should eat foods Recommendation 1, should eat nutritious high protein food。Eggs: are protein-rich foods, beneficial to the body, you can add high-quality protein, nutritious food is cheap, it is recommended one to two a day can be cooking or fried with other vegetables, can also be soup。
2, should eat foods rich in vitamin and mineral content。
Apple: rich in vitamin content make it by everyone of all ages, rich in zinc and selenium, called the most popular fruit, the recommended daily consumption, the best between meals, it is best not to peel, wash that is can。
3, should eat high-calorie foods digestible。
Meat: rich in quality protein and essential vitamins, is a high-calorie food, the recommended daily food, fried, cooking can be, avoid excessive consumption。
These are the prostate calcification what information self-treatment to eat, in fact, for prostate calcification is, if in daily life once symptoms of prostate calcification occurs, it is necessary to promptly go to hospital for a comprehensive examination, and then choose their own treatment method。related suggestion。

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