Taiwanese cultural studies scholar: to increase efforts in building the Taiwanese cultural and ecological protection zone

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Data for: great building along the river Taiwanese cultural elements。 Wang Dongming taken 24 to 25, sponsored by the Fujian Minnan Culture Research Association, Xiamen Minnan Culture Research Society hosted "Fujian Minnan Culture Research Association 2018 Annual Conference" held in Xiamen, experts and scholars from both sides of a total of more than 200 people participants。
  The annual meeting of "New Century and New Age culture of forward-looking Taiwanese Minnan culture" as its theme。
"Taiwanese cultural and ecological protection zone of Xiamen, Zhangzhou and Quanzhou three cities is the birthplace of Taiwanese culture, the radiation source and the core carrier。
"Zheng Yong believes that Taiwanese culture Ecological Reserve, is the cultural heritage of the Chinese nation event, events, culture is an important part of the national strategy, it is one of the cornerstones of cross-strait peace and development, but also an important part of popular works。   Taiwanese located in the western side of Taiwan, since the beginning of the Song and Yuan period, overseas trade traffic developed, become Chinese culture and foreign culture blending the starting area, Taiwanese culture in the absorption of marine culture, the "Marine Silk Road" of peace, the first the spread of Chinese civilization to the world。 Since the Ming and Qing dynasties, with the large number of Taiwanese people crossing migration, proliferation of Taiwanese culture development in different parts of Taiwan and Southeast Asia。
  Xiamen, Quanzhou and Zhangzhou is a major ancestral home of Taiwan compatriots。
Zhangzhou there are only 306 Taiwan-related artifacts, the municipal representative of non-heritage projects 95 there are 45 Taiwan-related projects。
In June 2007, the Ministry of Culture approved the establishment of "Taiwanese culture experiments ecological protection zone" in Xiamen, Zhangzhou, Quanzhou, Fujian administrative division, which is China's first to protect the cultural ecology of the area demarcated for the purpose of。   Zhangzhou Minnan Culture Research Association, Tu Zhiwei in his paper "status quo between Fujian and Taiwan cultural exchange and academic research in the new century, progress and future prospects," pointed out, Taiwanese and Taiwan belong to one partition cultural circle that Taiwanese cultural area, also known as it was Tai District culture。
Whether it is coastal areas of Fujian, Taiwan or the region, basically it is derived from the Taiwanese regional culture。   Tu Zhiwei believes that cultural exchanges between Fujian and academic research is an important and often new academic focus, carding status of cultural exchanges between Fujian and academic research activities and progress since the new century, reflect the latest trends in cultural studies Taiwanese, is a long-term perspective, important and complicated basic work of great significance to promoting cross-strait peace and development。
  Minnan Culture Research Association, Fujian Province, Lin Xiaofeng, said the new year, research will be actively preparing for the 2018 Annual Conference and Youth Forum, continue to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with Southeast Asian countries, Taiwanese culture research institutions and experts and scholars in Taiwan , the initiative to organize experts and scholars at home and abroad to carry out research work of Taiwanese culture。

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