The State Council issued a document to promote global tourism will give you 10 big tourism benefits

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Data for: canola flower in full bloom Kaihua Quzhou City, Zhejiang Qianjiang source country views。
Reporter Mao Jianjun photo to go sightseeing is no longer "Chikage side" views this requirement, focusing on product features, facilities and projects, not to engage in a pattern, prevent thousands of city side, thousands of village side, Chikage side, the implementation of unique and differentiated advance new ways of tourism development of the whole region。 Promote tourism and urbanization, industrialization and commerce industry convergence。 Relying on scenic spots, historical and cultural cities, towns and villages, characteristic landscape tourism town, traditional villages, explore the scenic cities, towns and villages "four in one" global tourism development model。   Nankai University, Professor Shi Peihua said, "Travel +" is a big core path to meet the people's happy life under the background of global tourism。 Select "Travel +", the tourism and agriculture, forestry, industry, culture, medicine and other related industries, the depth of integration, symbiotic communion, bring colorful variety of tourism products, better meet the tourists get knowledge, cultural awareness, leisure entertainment and other personalized, diversified tourism demand。   Journey place involving free Wi-Fi will cover all the comments made, to promote the service intelligence。 Journey place involving achieve free Wi-Fi, communication signals, video surveillance full coverage, the main tourist consumer sites for online booking, online payment, the main tourist area of intelligent tour guide, explain the electronic, real-time information push, development and construction consulting, tour, tour guide, Shopping guide, navigation and sharing of intelligence and other tourism service evaluation system。
  Travel, selfie sun shine anywhere is a big demand, but the network traffic issues and concerns to be a lot of people。 With free WiFi, you can always circle of friends sun photos, really to the force。
But I hope to wireless network speed can give the same force!。

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