Beijing first three paragraphs of the new rail line opened by the end of trial operation

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  Reporters found that in the general idea and main objective this year slow block plan, for the first time included "traffic participants achieve compliance awareness, awareness of the rules, safety awareness, awareness of civilized significantly enhanced" requirements。   Under the plan, this year, the Capital Spiritual Civilization Office, the Municipal Board of Education, Municipal Traffic Management Bureau and other relevant units will be organized to carry out "ceremony in Beijing a civilized Jean – people love zebra special action", focusing on creating 100 "Love in the six districts of the city zebra crossing "model junction, and into the community to carry out propaganda activities 100 games。 11th monthly "queuing day" and 22 "seat Day" as the carrier, at the main intersection, road Xuanzhuan Li make lawful, the popularity of traffic laws, traffic to correct bad habits。
  At the same time, we will also carry out the "civilized traffic green travel" propaganda activity。
Give full play to traffic civilization preachers, community police, volunteer action, through into the organs, into the schools, the community, etc., tell the story of good traffic, to show the spirit of the industry, promotion management policies to guide the green travel, transportation cultivate civilization。   Focus 1 before the end of paragraph 3 rail traffic trial operation as one of the key tasks to ease traffic congestion, Beijing will speed up the transportation infrastructure this year to further improve traffic supply capacity, including the construction speed up rail traffic。
  According to the Action Plan announced time frame for completion before the end of this year, three sections of the new rail line will open trial operation, including the Metro Line 6 West Extension (Haidian Rd ranking – Apple Orchard Road) and Line 8 three, four (Zhushikou – five Futang – Yonhap)。
In addition, this year will accelerate the new airport rail line, line 22, line 7 East Extension, line 12, line 14 remaining segments, line 16, line 17, line 19, line 28, Yan housing construction line and other lines branch。
  In terms of improving rail transport and interchange conditions, Beijing will also study the development of the city's new rail line feeder three-year action plan, adjust and optimize the Rail Transport and public transportation line layout, speed up rail traffic around the site bike lanes and trail construction。
In the neighboring building some key rail transfer station parking (P + R) parking lot。
A variety of ways to enhance the convenience of public transportation。   Focus 2 "Beijing seven loop" through the end of the year according to an action plan before the end of the year a total length of 940 km of metropolitan area ring highway (commonly known as "Beijing seven ring") will be Completed, can further promote Beijing, Tianjin and road network interconnection。 In addition, Beijing this year will also promote the new airport expressway, highway construction north line of the new airport, construction group River Road, Taiping highway and do the preliminary engineering work。
  The departments concerned will fully promote the 2022 Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Winter, related to road construction in 2019 Beijing World Park will be involved, accelerate the construction of the extension of the highway Chong。 As the 2019 Beijing World Park is an important transportation security project, by the end of Xing Yan highway will achieve all through。 The whole audience km high-speed, even wear more than a mountain, then, the public departure from North Sixth Ring, drove about 40 minutes to reach the World Horticultural Expo site is located in Yanqing。   In addition, this year Beijing will complete a number of municipal and district-level sparse block works and road construction。
  But before the end of December, the city of six districts and Tongzhou District will be built on trips distributors, more than 35 branches。
And to accelerate the western extension of Chang'an Avenue, Guangqu eastward Liang Jing Road East, never cited South, North Xin'an Road, Chemical Road and other urban trunk road construction。
  3 parking management will be the focus of a legal basis Previously, the City Traffic Commission official says, as Beijing parking management issues "fundamental law" "Beijing motor vehicle parking regulations" will be promulgated this year。 According to the Action Plan requirements, in line with "Beijing motor vehicle parking regulations" was promulgated before the end of July this year, the relevant units should be prepared to carry out propaganda work。 And in accordance with the principle of "parking there was a reasonable fee, in accordance with regulations orderly, open and transparent", the reform of roadside parking management system, fee management, service management and law enforcement supervision mechanism, enhance roadside parking management and service capabilities。
  This year, Beijing will also study the preparation of the city parking ground plan expressly permitted parking area, temporary parking area, parking area is prohibited range, and make parking spaces total control。
In terms of the core area parking order remediation, special efforts will carry out static traffic order within the Second Ring Road, before the end of October, pay close attention to the formation of static parking order management professional law enforcement team, to improve the frequency and intensity of inspections, roadside parking achieve grid inspections management, strengthen law enforcement。   At the same time, it will promote the use of underground parking space to carry out construction。 The use of market-based instruments, encourage social capital to participate in the construction of public underground parking, operation and management。

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