Li Keqiang: Residential use rights can be extended after the expiration does not affect the use of

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  After March 20 the morning of the closing meeting of the Thirteenth National People's Congress, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang met in the Great Hall of the Golden Hall on the third floor interview Thirteenth National People's Congress of Chinese and foreign reporters and answered questions raised by reporters。   March 20, Vice Premier Li Keqiang and Prime Minister Han Zheng, Sun Chunlan, Hu Chunhua, Liu He, the Great Hall in Beijing to meet with Chinese and foreign reporters and answered questions from reporters。
Xinhua News Agency reporters Xing Guangli and She Zhongyang Television reporter: Hello Prime Minister。
We note that there are now some private entrepreneurs, they are worried about the lack of effective protection of property, he has no sense of security, not investment, even some still trying to transfer assets out。 We also see that in some places even in the case of some entrepreneurs and not as chaotic as the government's complaints。 What do you think about this?Intend for how to solve this problem?  Li Keqiang: China's reform and opening up, we always adhere to the "two unwavering" can be said to include state-owned enterprises, private enterprises and other types of ownership enterprises, is made historic achievements have made great efforts to make a contribution。 Now private enterprises accounted for half of revenue, accounting for 90% of new urban jobs。 Of course, for some time, that there exists the phenomenon of weak private investment, and protection of property rights and this wide range of issues related to our attention。
  Protection of property rights protection is the cornerstone of the socialist market economy, the protection of the productive forces, we protect the legitimate property rights of various types has been placed on my heart, and every solution will be difficult, I remember last year at a press conference, some people worry that housing tenure expires after the meeting there will be no problem, we can clear that the extension does not affect the transaction, and amending the law in this area to step up。 First turn on the farmers' land contract period, we clearly continue to be extended by 30 years。
And in many ways we have to take measures to safeguard the legitimate property rights, strengthen the use of legal protection, which is to carry forward the spirit of the rule of law。   Protection of property rights must be respected contract, to carry forward the spirit of the contract, the contract can not be used as waste paper。
Indeed, some of the bad behavior of some local governments, a new official to ignore the old accounts, a change of government, the contract will not forget the past, political expensive exercise and you can not contract as waste paper, which we are determined to stop the , but also to be punished。
Last year we caught several departments typical cases involving property rights to correct them wrong case, it also shows our determination is to continue to send a signal to the community, so that those who have constant production perseverance, so that investors have the confidence to make all kinds of property owners peace of mind to all legitimate property owners eat on the long-term assurance。 Thank you。

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