How do women care for their hair (1) from the aspects of food

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  A beautiful black hair in particular, to highlight the feminine。
Good hair can make a woman shine, more successfully captured the hearts of men。So what to eat to help to protect it in the diet?  egg。
Eggs are rich in high quality protein, can fully nourish hair follicles。Children eat two a day, an adult one day more appropriate。  Seaweed。Seaweed moisturizing hair is not a small effect。
Seaweed contains protein, minerals, enriched with iodine, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, etc., can black hair。Soup and put some seaweed, unknowingly can get a black hair。  benevolence。
Walnut is known as the "longevity fruit", it kidney and brain, Bu Zhong Yi Qi, Yun skin, black hair。
Eat 1-2 whole walnut every day, can add the necessary nutrients the hair, promote hair growth and health。
  How everyday life should conserve it?  It is because more and more city people are all hair problems to worry about, but also began to appear numerous types of hair care products on the market。Now in addition to the ordinary people are familiar with the shampoo and conditioner, and many have a variety of functions is not uncommon care products。
In this regard, the experts give advice, in fact, still have to choose according to their own hair care products and hair problems, we can achieve better results。
  Similarly, if only for an ordinary shampoo, the best selection of the scalp and hair without irritating acid-free natural shampoo, try not to choose strong or alkaline degreasing shampoo。Because of this type of degreasing shampoo and dehydration are very strong, easy to make hair dry scalp necrosis, there are some special people to do the work, due to the health requirements, or to insist on a daily shampoo。However, when the head must be cleaned should pay attention to choose the right shampoo, avoid using too much alkaline shampoo, hair conditioner is best to add。

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