Hollywood Walk of Fame "hard sell" visitors were very disappointed money pit

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July 12 electric Hollywood Walk of Fame is a must-visit at a lot of Chinese tourists to visit Los Angeles, but in recent years, frequent visitors were harassed, and even hard sell, strong cable tip of event。
Hollywood Walk of Fame, a few hawkers selling CD will be a Chinese tourist (front left) surrounded。
( "World News" reporter Zhang Yue / Photography) are in the period of the summer tourist hot spot, a young man of Chinese descent was surrounded by about five selling CD of youth。 The first person to ask him for $ 500 (1 US dollar equals yuan), Fu students feel that they may not be able to get out, she gave him $ 20, the first person to give him back 15 yuan。 At this time, in the back of Fu students have money in their hands tightly grasping, selling another man suddenly forced his hand away from 10 yuan。 Fu students would like to beg them, but a group of people quitting en masse。 Fu students said, just play the movie characters and people take pictures, have been gone 20 yuan pit。 Fu said the students, this is the first time the United States did not expect such a mess Hollywood attractions。
After the things he and his friends left in a hurry Walk of Fame。
He said that law and order here is very disappointing for the future will be taught not so easily deceived robbed。 (United States, "World News") Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。

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