China Shenhua Super thrown 59 billion in cash, shares of these big red A high dividend little companion

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Like a clear stream in the company's high transfer speculation momentum rainbow moment, just turn them off bonus share capital, to small and medium investors genuineness benefits。  17 evening, give the company's investors made a large red envelope, the Board of Directors recommended the payment of a final dividend of 2016 annual cash 0.46 yuan / share (tax), totaling 90.4.9 billion yuan (including tax); special dividend in cash 2.51 yuan / share (tax), totaling 499.2.3 billion yuan (including tax), the cumulative distribution of 590.7.2 billion yuan。  Generally listed companies distribute cash, will be written on how much yuan per 10 shares, distribution plan is distributed directly to the number of dollars per share, showing its "generous"。Xiao Bian want to say, such a company the trouble to give me a dozen。  Who gets a huge bonus if China Shenhua huge cash dividends eventually adopted and implemented, who will be the biggest beneficiary of it?  Annual data show that, Shenhua Group to become the big winner of this huge dividends, as the controlling shareholders China Shenhua 73.06% of the shares, this calculation, the dividend amount Shenhua Group will get up to 431.5.8 billion yuan (including tax).  In addition, "national team" too much has been achieved, together holding gold card Jinhui 3.42%, 20 will receive bonus.200 million yuan (including tax)。New top ten shareholders of National Social Security Fund 108 combination will also receive a 5316 dividend.480,000 yuan (including tax).  Interestingly, China Shenhua latest data show that the number of shareholders, as of February 28, 2017, the total number of shareholders to 20.180,000, compared with year-end 2016 to reduce 0.720,000; of which A shares as of February 28 this year, the number of households is 19.940,000, compared with year-end 2016 to reduce 0.710 000。In the face of this "Tyrant style" bonus, you advance to escape these investors pay more if done a "transaction fee" in preparation?  Ultra-high dividend yield Case Review China Shenhua The cash dividend was aroused great concern of investors, its high dividend yield is undoubtedly the biggest highlight plans。  China Shenhua total share capital of the dividend plan will pay dividends, as of the end of 2016, its total market value of the cumulative AH share of approximately RMB 3112.100 million yuan, AH shares a dividend yield of 18 overall.98%。Generally, in which A shares, the dividend rate of over 5% is already a very high level, more than 10% even scarcer。  Wind statistics show that since 2010, only eight in the A-share annual dividend yield of more than 10 percent of the cases。2011-2013 have two, 2014, mid-2015 have a。Among them, in 2012 the annual dividend rate of more than 25%, the most in recent years, in addition, a large steel square annual 2014 dividend rate of more than 10%, up to 15.09%。  High dividend yield investment value gradually emerging market analysts pointed out that the continuing decline in economic growth, long-term at a low level, increasing the total monetary background, low-risk high-yield assets may invest less and less, some of the sound Investors holding cash is hard to find a suitable investment target。In this context, the investment value of the quality of listed companies with high dividend yields in the A-share portion gradually revealed。  In general, the root causes of the high rate of dividends of listed companies sought after is its good operating performance, with higher long-term investment value。High dividend yield means that listed companies have a higher cash distribution capacity and relatively low price, investors can obtain a stable absolute returns, of course, long-term investors with a strong appeal to moderate。  Former reporter for 2012-2015 mid-annual dividend rate of 30 stock price performance to sort out, find these stocks in the bonus plan announcement 30?90 days average excess return relative to the broader market were 2.56%, 3.42%, 5.16%。  A-share cash dividend as well as the "cow" China Shenhua bonus plan another highlight, far more than the total dividend plans for the year attributable to equity shareholders of the company's net profit。Data show that in 2016 China Shenhua realized a total revenue and net profit 1831.2.7 billion yuan and 227.1.2 billion yuan。By this calculation, the total amount of the cash dividend will be the company's 2016 full year net profit of 2.6 times。  China Shenhua said the company is currently gearing ratio at a low level of trade, capital expenditure in recent years, relatively lower scale than in the past several years, the future operating cash flows and a good time。In ensuring the healthy and sustainable development of the company under the premise of the above proposed dividend The Board of Directors recommended to increase return to investors。In addition, the company's stock and operating capital inflows can protect this cash dividend, this cash dividend will not have a material adverse effect on the company's financial situation。The special dividend, accounting for China Shenhua mid-2015 retained earnings 47.5%, accounting for 32 2016.4%。  Wind statistics show, A shares in a total of 27 listed companies since 2010 to maintain the good habit of cash dividends each year, and since more than 10 billion yuan listed cumulative dividends, the dividend rate (total dividends / net profit) of over 30% (Note: Listed time 2013).  The total dividend aspects, total cumulative dividends up to 4868.3.4 billion yuan, ranking first。In addition ,,,, cumulative total dividend is also more than one hundred billion yuan。Dividend rate, the above-described companies 27 to 77.93% of the first rank, in addition dividend rate of more than 70%, to 62.Dividend rate of 94 ranked third。

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