April 17 evening of listed companies good audio list (attached list)

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A number of listed companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen April 17 evening issued important announcements, the following summary is good news: the proposed 2 billion investment to build a new 200,000 tons of polyamide material project Mita shares (000,782) April 17 evening announcement, the company intends to invest an annual output of 200,000 tons of polyamide and new materials production base project in Xinhui District, Jiangmen City, Guangdong province, with a total investment of 2 billion yuan, the project construction period of 3 years。  Winning 13.2.2 billion yuan PPP project Oriental gardens (002310) April 17 afternoon announcement, the company recently received the Hubei Xuan'en Housing and Urban Construction Bureau sent a "winning notice", the company confirmed that the ecological environment comprehensive Xuan'en PPP project to enhance social capital side winning the Commonwealth procurement projects, total investment 132 168.After 270,000 yuan, signed a formal contract and the smooth implementation of the sustainable development of the company will provide operational support, long-term positive impact on the company's future performance。  : Winning 5.0.8 billion yuan project Chongqing Construction Engineering (600939) April 17 evening announcement, the company's wholly-owned subsidiary of the successful tongnan district of Chongqing Municipal People's Hospital to create a "top three" hospital project, the price of 5.0.8 billion yuan。  : The controlling shareholder intends to inject assets of Machinery Industry Design and Research Institute SUMEC sixth (600,710) April 17 evening announcement, the controlling shareholder of the National Machine Group is planning a major matters relating to companies, intends to subordinate sixth Machinery Industry Design and Research Institute Limited assets into the company, the major issues likely to involve significant asset restructuring。The company's stock on the 18th suspension。  : Sign 3.8.2 billion yuan Iraqi oil well drilling project contract Man (603,619) April 17 evening announcement, the company and BPIraqN.V。Signed the Rumaila oil field drilling and completion of 15 wells large bag project contract, the contract amount will be about 3.8.2 billion yuan, accounting for 2016 audited revenues of 23.96%。  : Planning to buy assets of a subsidiary of Pegasus Logistics intends to introduce war vote Pegasus International (002,210) April 17 evening announcement, the company is planning to issue shares to buy assets matters, initially identified the target company Sichuan Bai Bio Energy Co., Lingshi County Xin and waste incineration power generation Co., Ltd.。The company had previously planned due to major issues suspend with effect from March 26, the company disclosed that the major issues for the planning of a subsidiary company in Dongguan City, Pegasus Logistics Co., Ltd. plans to introduce strategic investors by way of capital increase, the company has to deal opponents conclude a preliminary cooperation intention。The company shares remain suspended。  : Winning 4.7.2 billion yuan PPP project Botian environment (603,603) April 17 evening announcement, the company won the bid Juxian Green Fengling Reservoir ecological environmental protection project with isolation embankment engineering PPP projects with a total investment of 400.7.2 billion yuan。The winning project demonstrates the company's strength in the field of aquatic ecosystems。

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