A one hundred billion pension Jiancang shares?When Jiancang?Where Jiancang?Look at the reality of these centers

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A precarious shares, Department who yesterday was announced a heavy message: 137 billion yuan of funds have been credited into account and began investment operations, other funds will be contracted by year, in batches in place。  Investors can not help but wonder: 1, the pension is to pick the right dish?  2, market crash is to give pension digging it?  The answer is: this idea Tooyoungtoosimple!  Core facts: one department at a press conference held yesterday said that as of the end of March this year, Beijing, Shanghai and other seven provincial government and the Social Security Fund Council entrusted signed investment contracts, total contract value is 360 billion yuan, of which 137 billion yuan funds have been credited into account and began investment operations, other funds will be contracted by year, in batches in place。  According to brokerage China correspondent survey shows that only 137 billion of funds in the tens of billions gradually transfer pension fund managers and managers for bonds and stocks have their portfolios to buy shares of the main direction is preferred and enhanced index value , little net change in current profit and loss broadly balanced。  A truth, no pension obligation to rescue every time the stock market volatility, investors invariably hopes a bailout, but the social security fund and pension never have this feature。  August 2015, the government even in the most troublesome stock market volatility at the time, Deputy Minister of Human Resources and Social Security will not travel Jun bluntly to stand still in regular State Department briefing policies, are most concerned about increasing the value of the fund issue stock market fluctuations or just everyone said funds into the market to prop up the market or the so-called bailout, this is not the pension funds of functions and responsibilities。  "Pension funds are 'life money' the majority of retirees, investment operations in the whole process, we will fund safety first, to strengthen supervision and prevent investment risks。"Human Resources and Social Ministry spokesman Lu yesterday stressed love red。  Truth Second, pension before the crash in the stock market as Vanity Fair, the capital market has never been no shortage of rumors, such as the relevant aspects of deliberately weighed on the market, to create conditions for low pensions market。  Especially pension equity portfolio in February, March transfer manager in succession, while the broader market index in March has been at a high level, which will undoubtedly bring some difficulties to the pension stock Jiancang, relevant aspects for the pension market digging power seems strong。Just recently, the market in the 12 trading days fell more than 5%, while the Department who yesterday also announced pension hundreds of billions of messages ready to go。  However, the brokerage Chinese reporter survey found that although stagnant in March, get down, but a number of pension rights and interests combined and mixed portfolio managers have been buying a certain stock positions in March, just very cautious Jiancang。  An anonymous administrator of pension fund managers, investors do not need to demystify pension, we managed pension funds, have been buying shares in March, not digging yourself digging it?To really interested in digging, commissioned by the Social Security Fund may defer large pension。  Truth Third, the high level of social security funds Social Security Fund had just rights and interests combined and mixed a combination of partial pension managers entrusted to a month, the market fell more than 5% on the fast, does that indicate that the general level of the Social Security Fund Trader?The answer is also negative。  Public information, in 2015, the social security fund equity investment income amount 2294.6.1 billion yuan, the investment rate of return of 15.19% increase over the previous year 3.5 points。The amount of realized gains 2239.0.4 billion yuan, the yield is as high as 16.52%。  Over the past 15 years, the National Social Security Fund investment rate of return of 43 peaked in 2007.19% bear market in 2008, fell to -6.79% of low。2011-2014 annual investment rate of return were 0.86% 7.1%, 6.2% and 11.69%。  Nearly 200 billion funding level, Qinan and out of the stock market, both in the mid-2015's stock market crash or the 2008 crash, the Social Security Fund have demonstrated a remarkable ability trader, even if Xu Xiang shot, do not rely on insider trading and price manipulation , you can achieve this level of trader they have doubts。  Truth Fourth, social security subscription and redemption important point to be emphasized in spite of the social security fund and pension obligations no bailout, the government will not be for the convenience of pension market while digging, but the social security fund subscription and redemption of fund managers to act likewise noteworthy because: a high level of social security band operation, in particular, there are some classic case。  Remember the words of the head and other stock performance before and after the May 2015 do?    At that time rumors social security fund redemption fund 30 billion, and sold stocks in the prefix, when the results of the survey reporters three main points: First, the Social Security Fund that it did to the Social Security number of fund managers were added about billions of dollars, amounting to tens of billions of equity assets, these assets for the transfer of shares of state-owned shares of listed companies, mainly in the prefix stock。  Second, in view of the absolute-return characteristics of the prevailing market trends and social security funds, pension funds and pension fund management will be part of the funds per capita willingness to draw back the Social Security Fund。Of particular note is that this redemption of cash from the social security fund manager at first is taken from the social security fund managers a lot of stock assets under management passive to adjust positions after the big acts, the main consideration to lock the Social Security Fund earnings, as well as the size of the current management under the optimal characteristics of the market。  Third, In view of this, a lot of the social security fund managers really want to sell a large portion of short-term gains in the prefix stock to deliver the funds needed for Social Security Fund。  More simply, in May 2015, the social security fund was first hand a large number of stocks in the prefix, the prefix is exactly these stocks appear irrational rise, simply put them in the social security fund shares entrusted to investment managers, so they choose to sell , who sell higher price, who wins in hiring in the second year, and get good management fees。  The prefix followed the trend of the stock, also shows that when the social security fund timing and ability to sector valuation of really strong!Rank Name Total portfolio return operation 189.269 77%.369 58%.468 10%.566 10%.57% of the data cut-off time: at 15:00 on April 24th 2017 (Original title: 137 billion pension has Jiancang A shares!When Jiancang?Where Jiancang?Look at five key facts) (Editor: DF208)

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