Citigroup urged the United States Court of Appeals rejected the decision prohibits the payment of interest in Argentina

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.ct_hqimg .to_page a: link {padding-left: 8 pixels;} See the latest market Citi latest real-time quotes News Research institutions holding financial information industry clients banking network night, nightlife network Finance YORK September 19 afternoon news Citibank urges United States Court of Appeals rejected the US District Court judge Thomas · Griesa decision regarding the prohibition of Argentine bond interest payments。  September 30, that is, before the payment deadline for the next issue of interest, Citigroup's Argentine branch must be paid the $ 5 million payment to the holders of Argentine bonds。If you do not pay, will be considered a violation of the relevant laws and regulations in Argentina, the consequences will be revoked license。In response, Citigroup brought before the Court of Appeal dismissed the original judgment。If the appeal is unsuccessful。Citigroup will face the New York District Court ruled in violation or it may be revoked a banking license in Argentina's dilemma。  Citigroup Citigroup's lawyer told the court may therefore suffer a severe and immediate disaster, but three judges of the Court of Appeal seems to remain unmoved。(Hong Kong)

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