After the US Federal Reserve to raise interest rates announced by China goods tariffs

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  Fed rate hike night, the dollar index again fell below 903 on May 22, reported the central parity of RMB against the US dollar, compared with the previous day rose 229 basis points (% appreciation), which set a maximum rate of appreciation since February 27 value。
Driven by sharply higher central parity of RMB against the US dollar spot exchange rate opened at March 22。   An interview with surging News interview that Chen Jianguang, after the Fed rate hike cycle seven times since the 1970s, presented a high probability the dollar is weakening trend, which has two brief strong, but makes economic unbearable, the Fed had to make to reverse the policy, interest rates turned。 From this point of view, even if the historic mid-2015 rate hike, the dollar may not be strong, but the weak dollar or high probability event。   "Every dollar or a weaker phase, experienced about 6-7 years, but since 2009 the dollar has reversed eight years, so from the point of view of the cycle, the strong dollar also has reached the end。
"Said Chen Jianguang。
  HKD pegged exchange rate system linked to the dollar, Hong Kong dollar also fell to a new low for several years and had to hike。 March 22 morning, the Hong Kong Monetary Authority following the Fed to raise interest rates, raising the base rate to%。   The reason why the recent US dollar and Hong Kong dollar spreads continued to widen, one important reason is the global financial market is underestimating the number of times the Fed to raise interest rates during the year。
Chen Jianguang said, "As the new chairman of the Federal Reserve Powell suggested that the US economic outlook continued to improve, triggering expectations the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates four times during the year to heat up, driven by the US dollar Libor continued to rise, compared with HK $ HIBOR restricted ample liquidity compared with early last year also somewhat lower。 "The HKMA spokesperson also said that the recent Hong Kong dollar exchange rate down, the master was originally a more market participants expect the Fed to raise interest rates at a faster rate, as well as betting on the spread between the Hong Kong dollar and the US dollar continues to expand。   The central bank to follow it?Open Market has raised interest rates the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates, the central bank will follow up on it?  This is the sixth rate hike since the United States entered the rate hike cycle, followed by China's central bank raised interest rates open market operations 5 basis points, saying the open market operations is the market interest rates up a "normal response" to the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates。
After December 2016, March 2017 and December the Fed announced the rate hike, China's central bank also raised its open market operations to take advantage of interest rates。   Many market participants said the news of emotion, in the current central bank into multi-use tool rather than quantitative tools price trend, this initiative will be the equivalent rate hike。
The future of open market operations interest rates more sharply, but is unlikely to raise benchmark deposit and lending rates。   Currently open market operations rate is still significantly lower than the money market interest rates, seven-day reverse repo rate is%, while the R007 (the inter-bank market seven-day repo rate) is about 3%, DR007 (inter-bank deposit-taking financial institutions 7 days back repo rate) at around%。   Hai Tong Securities chief economist Jiang Chao believes that under the current exchange rate experienced a sharp appreciation and maintain a stable background, focus on the rate hike further correct the deviation between the interest rates of the central bank and market interest rates。
  China and Thailand Securities chief economist Lee Thunder told the news surging, the central bank raised interest rates just to cope, the Sino-US exchange rate spreads narrowed, but the possibility of raising interest rates is not large, the operation is still likely to raise interest rates。
  China's central bank said Thursday the 10 billion yuan in the open market 7-day reverse repurchase operations, the successful rate by 5 basis points to%; and that open market operations interest rates follow the market up slightly reflecting the supply and demand of funds, market-friendly body form a reasonable interest rate expectations, the stability of the macro-leverage may play a role。
  Mizuho Securities Asia chief economist Chen Jianguang told news surging due to ongoing deleveraging, and other initiatives to combat the shadow banking market has forced higher interest rates, open market interest rate increase is "polite" to raise interest rates, but there is no need to add too much。
  Central bank governor Yi Gang Central Bank press conference on March 9 said that for China to follow the pace of whether the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates, China's monetary policy will be based on the main domestic economic and financial situation to a comprehensive consideration。
  How it affects your life?  2018 is bound calm, how will this affect the lives of ordinary people?  Lee Thunder analysts said the United States for technology and communications industries to Chinese tariffs, these industries will shift back to the Chinese market, he believes that the field of science and technology industry and high-end communications industry are worth the investment。   Many market analysts also told the news surging, the dollar will continue weak, the euro is still up space, so now there HK dollar end and end consumer demand, such as study abroad, travel, purchasing, and other sea Amoy, now is a good opportunity。

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