How to detox the winter to seize 16 prime time point

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Best time 07:30 window ventilation + eat this time the ground temperature has risen, green plants has produced enough oxygen in the sunshine, a window ventilation。
Most suited to the window stretch, breathing the fresh the day, the highest oxygen content。
Breakfast time is up, Chinese medicine, and this was the time stomach duty, the most suitable for receiving a food。
Eat breakfast rich in carbohydrates and proteins, such as whole wheat bread,, milk, fresh fruit, either for the new day reserves of energy, but also make your body look radiant。 And, this is your body the most productive time metabolism, fat accumulation is not easy, free to enjoy the food。 If it was up late, should eat breakfast within an hour after getting up, do not wait and eat together, unless you think the Japanese sumo wrestler fat as long as they are eating breakfast。 08:00 + supplement drinking water detox diet is not balanced worry this is the best time of your vitamin supplements!Because after breakfast to stimulate your digestion and absorption capacity is most active at this time, to better absorption of vitamin A, d, E, etc.。
Another key drinking water detoxification time is up, then turn to the liver and skin detoxification, cup of warm water to remove toxic substances, reducing the burden for the liver。

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