Brazilian fans mad support Mexico: buy a ticket to see Germany lose to

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"ID =" ENDTEXT "style =" top border: 1px solid #ddd; ">Sauna night to Jin Sports Network June 17 in Moscow: Moscow time on June 17 Luzhniki Stadium ushered in the second game, this is a strong play against the defending champion German team to face Mexico in North America the challenge。Luzhniki Stadium was packed once again, the scene in addition to wearing a white shirt and Mexican fans German fans green jersey, third color yellow is definitely the most, it was the fans from Brazil, they shouted "Mexico at the scene, Mexico, Mexico……"Perhaps the last World Cup 1-7 to the Brazilian fans still bear a grudge。Defending champion finally took place today, but they seem to be tough to Mexicans scared, Mexico not only united very fierce defense, counter-attack is extremely sharp, but for Mexico striker wasted the opportunity, I am afraid that Germany lost a game 0-2, no surprise 0-3。When walked into the stadium Luzhniki Stadium, Mexican fans to use their frantic cries of the German fans cry to pressure down, even when the ball in Germany, the scene can clearly hear the Mexican fans gave Germany people boos。Mexican fans too passionate, they seem to be released as nature in the stadium, cheering and singing songs, chanting "Mexico" Hey dance and dance audience burst。Cries the audience 90 minutes of high-decibel, so that exposure to which people feel excited。Scene wearing green clothes Mexican fans really is not a lot more than the white jersey of the German fans, but there are a number of Brazilian fans wearing yellow clothes, they and the Mexican fans like crazy, they are all Mexican fans cry。Many Brazilian fans even constantly chanted "Mexico" to mobilize the atmosphere, they are very much looking forward to their last game 1-7 defeat of Germany could lose, they finally got his wish。A Brazilian fan says he is coming to see the German team lose。 Luzhniki Stadium stadium atmosphere today is more fanatical than the opener, partly because the strong dialogue between Germany and Mexico, in addition because Mexicans seem fanatical about football even more, they can be constantly maintained for 90 minutes carnival cry, every Mexican can not help but stand up and attack them, they will for every offensive and defensive teams have sent their cheers。Germany is the country of beer, Mexicans seem also very fond of drinking and watching the game, into the stadium will be able to smell the aroma of beer in drifting everywhere, but today's Germans drink beer is bound to be bitter。

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