Be happy pet angel – my lovely niece

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someone said:“God is fair”, I believe these words。But I also believe that: a God of justice has shaped the destiny of man decidedly different。Some people are born with a happy life, from childhood living in the honey jar, long in the sweet, natural Liz, cute, see God is no exception, whether homosexual or heterosexual, a lot of friends, holding the stars You may feel really beautiful。However, some people are born to suffer life, born in the bitter water, long in the disaster, did not have to eat, wear naked, let alone go to school eye-opening, see the world the。Therefore, comparisons between people do not go, the comparisons will only make you more angry。There is a saying: dead than popular。Than if so, only with their past and their present ratio, knows contentment。    My angel niece is one of those people born with a happy life, her pure and lovely, generous and sweet, plus she carelessly do not care about the character and crisp sweet laughter, laughter is often the first-person yet to come, so , she especially popular where her friends Trinidad and Tobago。She was previously director of technology consultant and a beauty salon, and found a very loved her hurt her, in the Xinjiang army military service has been ten years of her husband, but also adhere to two years to change jobs。In Xinjiang soldier really bitter, in addition to training, learning, it is to eat, sleep, never again have any hobbies other day。Sometimes they go out to perform the task, even the phone does not work, stop all communication contacts。They are in love with the telephone as a medium, due to the time difference, niece 0:00 every day Zhunneng received a phone call, a talk is over one hour, sometimes late into the night two points, better laugh, sometimes niece tired to sleep , and there still kept speaking words。Bing Gege very etiquette, holidays will give me a call to say hello, sometimes I joke with him, saying niece found wealthy people here, another over there to him again to find a problem, you can eliminate loneliness。He told me quipped:“Aunt, not to mention wives, very bitter here, a woman can not stay where the day can feel the temperature throughout the year, and even go to the market but also to place far, far away, we do not go to the market is basically nothing, something only once a month, let alone women friends, flew in here even mosquitoes are male, absolutely no mother。”After listening to his words, laugh my stomach pain, but also make me admire those hard working people's army and all military personnel。      Because of this, Bing Gege very, very loving niece, who is the end of 11 married, newlyweds, less than two months, Bing Gege back to Xinjiang, niece or beauty salon to Shenzhen to work, come home by the end of 12, 13 years to prepare at home Jing child health。25 month niece has successfully given birth to seven pounds the little guy, the whole production process has been accompanying Bing Gege side, when the baby cry“Wow”When the cry broke the quiet of a hospital delivery room, Bing Gege eyes filling with tears of excitement。Yesterday sweet angel, now has successfully promoted a mother。They revel together in the father and mother of joy, and I also sincerely wish them: loving husband and wife to each other, healthy baby grow up happy ,,!

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