These three vegetarian, eat the higher the blood sugar!(1)

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  Many friends have such a feeling of sugar, why are usually eat vegetarian, how still so high?In fact, sugar faithful "wrong to eat" vegetarian caused!  Want to know why?Want to know how in the end should eat vegetarian?And then down the net on the night to see it?Soy, soy products to Shensi, the vast majority of possession in the production of vegetables, soybeans, after all, is the addition of animal protein, plant protein can provide the best quality。But a lot of sugar Friends eating soy products will rise reflects!  Reason: Many deep processing of soy are typical dishes such as vegetarian chicken, ham and the like, most of which are in vegetarian bean curds as a raw material, a so-called bean curds refers to boiling milk let cool naturally formed on the surface film during the。  According to "Chinese Dietary Nutrition Guide" records, per 100 grams of dried bean curds can provide about 300 kcal body heat, it has clearly been classified as a high-calorie, high-fat foods。  Recommendation: Although bean curds also contains a variety of vitamins and trace elements, but with respect to such a high calories and fat, it does not fit the Friends of sugar consumption。  Vegetarian dumplings, slowly eating a lot of sugar will choose to eat breakfast Friends 1?2 vegetarian dumplings, and think that on the one hand relatively light taste, it also appropriate to add the vegetables。
According to "Chinese Dietary Nutrition Guide" records, an approximately 90?Size of 100 grams of steamed vegetables to provide about 160?180 kilocalories, attributable to the low-calorie, low-fat foods。
  However, every time after eating this for breakfast, often relatively high, so a lot of sugar friends are very troublesome。
  The reason: People tend to eat vegetarian bag in the morning, the way to work or the company lounge, hurried twenty-three can swallow two Baozi belly, and speed of eating the meal is obviously directly proportional to the speed of eating fast food after the blood sugar will be higher。  Recommendation: We advocate a vegetarian can eat package, however, it recommended that the faithful slowly eating sugar Baozi, chew each bite a few times, then it will supplement the nutrition and care of postprandial。  Vegetarian meat do undesirable because vegetarian food itself taste relatively light, so that people in the production tend to employ a cooking method flavors heavy weight salt thereof to be processed, and will find ways of ingredients for improving the appearance, taste, etc. , so-called "vegetarian meat do"。  The result of this is that the Friends of sugar rises after eating!  The reason: vegetarian cooking meat to do for itself, there is unhealthy place, on the one hand will increase the depletion of natural ingredients in nutrients, on the other hand are unconsciously increase the oil, salt and sugar intake, and passivation also accelerate our sense of taste, it is not conducive to correct the salt intake of sugar as a result of differences in taste。  Recommendation: a good vegetarian or vegetarian?Clear light is the most suitable to eat the sugar friends?。

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