Female common mental habit seen little psychological

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What are the common psychology of women say that a woman's heart is unexplainable, unpredictable, elusive, so many women are psychologically difficult to guess。
Therefore, following small for everyone to talk about some common female psychology help you see a female friend from childhood habit of psychological situation!Women's Psychological small habit 1: Press the alarm clock to continue to stay in bed now lost most of the family home after the "main man" do wake up "Housewives"。 Originally lighten your chores, but you can not afford to rely still insatiable in bed, once twice three times, the last straw he had roared: "Do not be late for work it up。
"" You are still stumbled and begged him: '5 minutes to let me sleep five more minutes'。 In fact, not just you, 35% of women have bad habits stay in bed the morning。
Little habits hint: you difficult opening to say no, will do anything dragged on, is a typical little girl drag character。
Life, you are also free to women, a lot of time in front of you showing childish side。 You do not like to live and work there too much pressure, attention to friendship than love。
He needs: sometimes do your "main man" and sometimes do your "Dad", and sometimes also need you to do your nanny, in short, can taking care of all your characters are worthy of him to try, because you are his love is built you a good basis for her。 Common mental habits of female small 2: shampoo bath bathroom occupied the word lazy is not suitable to describe you forever!32% of women have this good habit, to wash twice a day, morning bath mainly to thoroughly wash the hair so that they emit scent of a woman。 Little habits hint: early morning bath not only reflect her love of clean, also show that you deal with things that have a positive and optimistic attitude。
Are you always wanted to be a bit feisty do you do a little good strong two of the world, a bit narcissistic, a little over the top, take I can treat emotional, very emotional and very easily bored easily。 Do you like maverick, have their own ideas and ways of thinking man, looking back love and hate entangled。
He needs: to all you feel dominated, give you face in front of people, the innocent girl who let you and give you the space and freedom。 You want more love, do first premise is an independent self-confident man。

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