Champions Manchester City signing operation melon handsome let his head caught most do not want to touch that Klopp

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  Champions League quarter-final draw ceremony ended, although only eight in the Premier League Manchester City and Liverpool both teams, but was directly drawn together, the Civil War ushered in the Premier League。
Although Manchester City in the Premier League and Champions League this season, has a good performance, but Liverpool did not want a rival they encounter。
  In the current Premiership standings, Manchester City has reached 81 points points, the record is 26 wins, 3 draws terror 1 negative, and this is the thanks Liverpool 1 loss, thanks to the first 23 Premier League, Liverpool vs. Manchester City, as Chamberlain Liverpool opened the scoring, Sane equalized for Manchester City, with 后菲尔米诺, Manet and Salah consecutive goals helped Liverpool to seal the victory, Bernardo and Gundogan goals failed to save Manchester City, Manchester City 3- 4 suffered a first defeat of the season。
But for the first time this season, both league games against Manchester City had given Liverpool a 5-0 defeat, but after all, the beginning of the season。   Manchester City and Liverpool have been very familiar with each other, as England's traditional giants Liverpool, war record against Manchester City also maintained the upper hand, although in recent seasons the league Manchester City scores well, but Liverpool have five consecutive seasons can beat Manchester City at least once, Manchester City and Liverpool can once victory in a season turned out to be already in the 1935-36 season。
  Guardiola, the Klopp also called a familiar opponent, early in the Bayern coach, he coached and Dott Klopp had numerous encounters, Klopp twice from melon Dior pull away the hands of the German super Cup, the German Cup and the end of a road Bayern。 After the two sides fought in the Premier League, Guardiola made 1 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses in four games Klopp game, but also a little underdogs。
When talking about Liverpool, Guardiola admits powerful opponent: "Klopp is the top coach, like attacking football, while Liverpool are strong teams nemesis。
"Stylistically, Guardiola Klopp led by Manchester City and Liverpool are full of romantic feelings, the play is offensive attack and then attack, this game is certainly nice for the fans, but for players and coaches to say, this game is full of the unknown, the result is difficult to control in their own, aiming for the Champions League breakthrough Manchester City, Liverpool did not play against the team they want。
  Coincidentally, Manchester City and Liverpool happen to be currently the most powerful offensive capability Premier League team, Manchester City has scored 85 league goals, Liverpool have scored 68 goals, goals separated the top two。
Both teams top scorer is also very eye-catching, Salah scored 24 goals came in the first place, but the ball Aguero 21, 15 separated three or four balls Stirling。
Salah flanked by Phil Mino and within two strong horses help, but within Debu Lao side Manchester City, scoring ability in the SA should not be ignored。 It is foreseeable that it will be a group does not lack scoring two rounds of World War II。
  For Manchester City, the biggest good news is they are only steps away from the Premier League championship trophy, more focus can be placed on European competitions, and this is what they expected。 Liverpool also need to focus on the league is not a small fight four on。
Although leading fifth-place Chelsea with four-point advantage behind schedule is also pretty good, but apparently not insured。
  For about to usher in a hard-fought, Klopp appears to be very cautious: "We are certainly not popular to win this round, but fortunately the ball is round。
"The Liverpool striker Ian legendary – Rush'm looking forward to this group showdown:" Liverpool and Manchester City know each other, to overcome Liverpool Manchester City is popular, but we like to be looked down upon。
"Obviously, Liverpool would be more relax mentality, more pressure Guardiola came here, you want to complete the most important goal, Liverpool became his opponent must be crossed。   (God of War)。

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