Warm-up techniques to make your sex life feeling warming

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Warm-up sex life skills which I believe we all know that gender harmony of life is very important, and that is what life skill for it to warm up following small series to give you a few tips recommended warm-up sex life, let your feelings of heat!Warm-1 sex life skills.Hug her until she wants to leave kisser most make women excited, but do not underestimate the power of passionate embrace, especially if she took the initiative to cuddle。 Let her know you do not want to stop hugging her。 2.It gave her a sexy underwear ordinary underwear will be sent if deemed too old-fashioned, then choose sexy underwear。
It looks like you do not want to make love to find a time, for example in a restaurant to eat, under the table and handed her, and so she went to the bathroom to put。
Seem exaggerated, but her passion is a little bit to start the door is opened。
Of course, we do not recommend using this trick on the first date。
3.Whisper in her ear in public, gathering, said to her what you want to come later: Tonight, I will let you continue to climax。
For women, this interaction and real combat as excited。 4 warm-up sex life skills.Mouth hanging her name women like men to call their names。
The more special the better way to use her name, for example: in the middle of a word called her name, her name written on your shoulder, wherever she can see your hand。
This is a painless tattoo, hand, will bring joy。
This will make her happy, she will feel that you care about her。

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