Hong Kong held fund-raising dinner to help poor youth development

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People April 22 electric evening of 21, young people organized by the Enterprise Alliance Development "has seize the opportunity to learn with" seminar held at the Hong Kong City Hall fund-raising dinner for the families of children develop life enrichment cohesion。
Hong Kong SAR Government Secretary for Labor and Welfare Matthew Cheung, Chairman of the Youth Committee of the HKSAR Lau Ming-wai attended the dinner and speech。 "Plot Xiaocheng more, trickle," cohesion fund-raising dinner hope that the Hong Kong community groups and individuals the power of love, by "linking science equipment Plan" to help disadvantaged young people out of poverty, create the future。 The program will by teaching the theory and practice and training systems to help needy children 10-16 years of age to establish a positive outlook on life, understand the specific life and vocational skills, self out of poverty。
Dinner also invited to a number of youth representatives of various industries came to share their life experiences。
Hong Kong SAR Government Secretary for Labor and Welfare Matthew Cheung said in his speech, the Hong Kong SAR Government has been highly concerned about the comprehensive development of young people, committed to reducing inter-generational poverty。
Before and after the SAR government funding of HK $ 600 million to build "Child Development Fund", has so far benefited thousand children in Hong Kong, it is expected to have 9,700 new participants to benefit。 Dinner organizers young people develop business alliances, spontaneously set up by the Hong Kong business community to actively cooperate with the Government "Child Development Fund", two years cohesion private network to contribute to the development of many disadvantaged young people, is a model of public officials and businessmen to work together。 Turning to disadvantaged young people growing difficulties faced by Hong Kong, Dinner Committee Chairman, CPPCC Standing Committee of the Beijing Municipal Yang Lishan said in an interview, said that about 200,000 children under the age of 18 in Hong Kong live below the poverty line, poverty on their education In particular, the profound impact of the development and employment。
Hong Kong business community is deeply important to the future of youth development。 The launch of the "linking science equipment plan" will be based on different age segments, targeted content to teach life values, life skills and career development for disadvantaged young people, to help them improve the management of resources and the ability to plan for the future, breaking life predicament, to avoid intergenerational poverty。 Meanwhile, I hope the dinner brought together more capable of caring people to join the ranks of poverty, together with the efforts for the next generation。 (Wu Yujie) Editor: Habits in。

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