Shocked!A grapefruit skin, get eight kinds of common diseases!

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Grapefruit is not only delicious, nutritious and medicinal value is also high。Not only nutritious fruit, grapefruit skin is also a good thing that the medical grapefruit peel taste hard Gan and warm, good Huatanzhike role in life。
Fresh grapefruit meat containing components similar to the role of insulin, glucose can be reduced; Grapefruit is very rich in proteins, organic acids, vitamins and calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium and other essential elements, which is difficult to compare the other fruits , has a very good improvement acne skin。But after eating grapefruit, grapefruit peel can Do not throw!That was a good thing?After four grapefruit skin boils water effect 1, pomelo skin boils water to ease pneumonia in children will eat grapefruit, leaving skin dry, add a few pieces into the pot boiled with water (do not block too small, or reduced efficacy, but also should not be too large), not too much water (and, like fried Chinese medicine) even after opening several times, to cook the soup into a bowl to the children to drink, drink a few times and even help relieve symptoms in children。
One thing to note is that grapefruit skin boils water can not replace drugs。So, if the baby is sick, or go to the hospital for the better。2, grapefruit skin boils water boiler with transdermal therapeutic frostbite dried grapefruit, frostbite hot water taken at this time to burn very strong, but avoid the broken skin of。Hot temperatures to note that at the beginning, the temperature is not too hot towel, then apply heat may Shiver。This method requires patience and a long-standing (even better, it's best to stick to the end of winter), frostbite can promote recovery and effective way to eliminate or mitigate the coming year felon。
If frostbite Department does not break the skin, you can put a few dried chili added。The best pans and towels are used alone, cooked without water replacement, but each must boil, add boiling water, fresh water must extend the time。3, grapefruit skin boils phlegm Nuanwei first grapefruit skin slashing Qinghuang skin, leaving a white "cotton" inner layer。Grapefruit skin picked up after 10 minutes with boiling water, immersion period of time with water, squeezed water, then soaked in water until the astringent taste of grapefruit skin after removal, cut into pieces edible。Having a therapeutic effect stomach, phlegm, throat, etc.。
The outer sleeve is commonly used Chinese medicine orange peel, containing limonene and other volatile substances pie alkenyl。Such materials allow diverse variations respiratory secretions diluted conducive mucus discharge, has a good expectorant and antitussive actions, the treatment of elderly patients with chronic cough and Deficiency of the best Tanchuan。
4, feet grapefruit skin, itching cure athlete's foot with grapefruit skin Jianshui feet, athlete's foot treatment works especially well。The grapefruit skin turn on the water fried open, then feet。
Itching, inflammation, wound healing。Other Magical grapefruit skin of the food product is not the rule: Naringin and radish seeds, 15 grams, decoction 4 service, day 1。
Treatment of joint pain: grapefruit skin 300 grams, 50 grams of ginger, chopped smashed, and topical lesion。
Treatment of bronchitis: a skin wash pomelo, Lianhuang belt white flesh, chopped with a large bowl, add 50-100 grams of sugar, the amount of water vapor to Shulan, each eating a small bowl, soup taking with skin, 2 times a day。
Cough old rule: get rid of pomelo peel skin yellow, the remaining flesh chopped, add appropriate amount of crystal sugar, water steam to Shulan, each time taking 50-100 grams, sooner or later 1。

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