Matters pregnant women eat dumplings for the Lantern Festival it must be noted that pregnant women

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To the Lantern Festival, many pregnant women in the tangled not know he could not eat the delicious dumplings, rice balls for a lot of women have a natural love, but scruples own unborn child so he did not dare eat dumplings。
So, pregnant women eat rice balls do what pregnant women eat dumplings Note See the following interpretation of small series。
First, pregnant women eat rice balls do pregnant women can eat dumplings, dumpling dessert, pregnant women eat more easily lead to high blood sugar, thereby causing the urine, so enough is enough like, do not eat。 If you eat more, and can cause symptoms such as。
For the sake of delicious mouthwatering dumplings, rice balls in most of adding too much sugar and fat (lard), so high heat, or overweight patients with hyperlipidemia,,, and are not excessive intake; for gout patients, high-fat foods will affect the excretion of uric acid, gout may occur。
Dumpling skins are generally glutinous rice flour as food。
Glutinous rice contains more starch, high viscosity, non-digestible, for those in poor gastrointestinal function, especially in patients with a glutinous rice to eat pantothenic acid, it is best not to eat the。
The elderly, children, pregnant women, when eating rice balls should also pay special attention to avoid indigestion or swallowing obstruction。 Pregnant women eat dumplings for the Lantern Festival it matters in general pregnant women should pay attention to in terms of heat equivalent to a bowl of rice dumplings four calories, fried dumpling calories even higher。
No way serve small stuffing equal to only about forty heat a bowl of rice, it may be substituted with a non-stuffing dumpling stuffed dumplings, reduce caloric intake, or brisk walking one hour after eating the calories consumed other sports。
Pregnant women, pregnant women eat dumplings for the Lantern Festival it matters must be noted that it is for pregnant women is concerned, the Lantern Festival is eating the right amount, but do not eat too much time, so as not to cause indigestion and stomach discomfort。
For this statement gestational diabetes, pregnant women network that generally Lantern Festival Lantern Festival to eat these days, so even on a few grains eat every meal, it will not suffer from gestational diabetes。
At the same time, also to the majority of Mom and Dad reminder: the doctor said, glutinous rice balls in the production process of adding a lot of sugar and fat, the skin are part of glutinous rice dumpling powder as raw material, high viscosity, high-calorie and does not easily digested and children gastrointestinal dysfunction who, at the time of eating rice balls should pay special attention to avoid indigestion or swallowing obstruction。
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